Can you crack The Vault? You’ll win a share of $1M if you can…

August 10, 2020inPoker

Solving puzzles and breaking codes is exactly what we poker players attempt to do in every hand we play.

Now you can use those code-cracking skills to earn yourself a share of $1M, even when you’re away from the tables.

Introducing The Vault, a new PokerStars promotion you might have already got wind of on Twitter.

Here’s how it works.

Ace is like the Danny Ocean of PokerStars chests, and he has enlisted three of the best safe-crackers in the business: Jack, Queenie, and King Pin.

This lot are your ticket to the big bucks.

First, head to your challenges in the PokerStars client and opt-in to The Vault.

Then whenever you play poker on PokerStars, you’ll earn rewards which present themselves in chests.

Between August 10-30 you’ll notice that chests come with three random numbers inside.

Your job is to arrange those digits into a code which opens a padlock on one of the three chests. Jack represents one chest (the first two digits on his lock are already complete), Queenie represents another chest, and the third chest is King Pin’s.

Each chest has a three-digit combination which you’ll need to crack, and you’ll bank some prizes for each chest you open.

Crack one of them and you can win up to $5,000.

Once you’ve opened three of them, you’ll access The Vault, and it’s inside The Vault that you’ll find the big money.

Here, you could win up to $15,000.

So, in a nutshell:

You play on PokerStars, earn points, and you’ll be awarded a chest that gives you three random numbers that you then try on the padlocks. Rinse/repeat. If you crack the padlock code, you’ll win cash prizes.

Oh, and one more thing.

Once a week, for a two-hour period, the characters will trigger an Oceans 11-style malfunction within The Vault, giving you two hours to reach a certain number of points and earn a master key that opens a chest without having to try different numbers.

All you have to do is be playing on PokerStars at the time.

Stay tuned to PokerStars on Twitter as we’ll also be running puzzle-type giveaways throughout the promotion, rewarding free chests.

Best of luck breaking into The Vault. Click here for more info.

Terms and Conditions

The promo runs across the following markets: CENTRAL-EN, BR, CAN, DE, ES, FR, LATAM, PT, RU, UK



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