Aside from an opponent hitting a pesky two-outer on the river, or seeing someone bounty hunt your all-in with 8♠3♥ only to beat your A♦A♣, there’s nothing more annoying in poker than continually being three-bet when you’re out of position and raising with hands that are way down in your opening range.

As such, you should want to make sure you’re the person who’s constantly annoying your opponents by putting them in tough spots.

Thanks to PokerStars School, you can develop a linear 3-bet strategy in position.


  • Killer pre-flop strategy: 3-betting linear in position
  • Range Wars – The strategy series strikes back with Part 3
  • VIDEO: Cash game hand review
  • Congratulations are in order

Killer pre-flop strategy: 3-betting linear in position

In the latest edition of Pete Clarke’s Killer pre-flop strategy series for cash games, he delves into linear 3-betting in position, and how you can build a winning range to do so.

“Linear 3-Betting means building a 3-Bet range from the top down,” he writes. “Starting with AA, we 3-Bet hands in a continuous procession down to the weakest hand we deem good enough to 3-Bet.

“Today, our focus is on playing a 3-Bet or fold strategy from the HJ, CO, and BU that is linear in structure and favours big cards. By tailoring our 3-Bet range around hands with one or more high card, we can use blockers to maximise folds and reduce the amount of the time we get 4-bet.”

Check out the full article here.

Range Wars – The strategy series strikes back with Part 3

So far Dave Roemer’s Range Wars series has looked at both range advantage and nut advantage (and how to use them).

This week the strategy series takes a look at real-world hands played by PokerStars School Discord members.

Read Part 3 of Range Wars here.

VIDEO: Cash game hand review

Put on a pot of coffee then sit back and absorb Part 2 of Dave Roemer’s big pot cash game video series, where he continues to review hands played by a PokerStars School student in 10NL Zoom.

You’re sure to pick up a few pointers you can apply to your own game.

Watch the video here.

Congratulations are in order…

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate PokerStars School member “amttt2019” who won a $12 Grand Tour ticket by watching the School’s Grand Tour stream.

They went on to win an entire race with the ticket, adding a healthy boost to their bankroll.


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