Brazil’s “AAAArthur” turns $11 into $1.1M with 14th Anniversary Sunday Million victory

March 25, 2020inPoker

Brazilian player “AAAArthur”, whose previous largest online cash was just $91, outlasted 93,016 entries to win the Sunday Million’s 14th Anniversary edition — the biggest online tournament ever held on PokerStars — and $1,192,802.

What a tournament. This event saw the poker community come together, in the only way it can right now.

With $12.5 million guaranteed in prizes, we all knew the 14th Anniversary edition of the Sunday Million was going to be huge. What we couldn’t have predicted was that not only would that prize pool promise be beaten, it was well and truly obliterated. In the end, this $215 buy-in tournament had a staggering $18,602,300 to give away.

From low-stakes grinders to high rollers, seasoned pros to amateurs who only play one or two online tournaments a year, the field in this tournament was extraordinary. A total of 93,016 entries (60,898 unique entries and 32,118 re-entries) were recorded when registration came to a close at the beginning of Tuesday’s Day 2 (7,671 players entered between the end of Day 1 and the start of Day 2).

Many of those entries came from satellites. Brazil’s “AAAArthur” was one of them.

They managed to win their $215 entry via an $11 satellite. Two days later, “AAAArthur” took the whole thing down for $1,192,802.

That’s an ROI of 10,843,654 per cent.

Although two prizes of more than a million bucks were forecast, a four-way deal meant that runner-up Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos, of Romania, banked $921,328.

The UK’s “caroline2693” finished in third for $786,873, while Hungary’s “salonteskis” placed fourth but benefited from the deal with a larger score of $826,919.

Those rounding out the final table were Croatia’s “AlexHoldz” (5th – $329,356), Cyprus’ Marios “Jully-19” Mansour (6th – $225,108), Romania’s “tweny1” (7th – $153,854), Germany’s “Pokerfrance” (8th – $105,154), and Lithuania’s Paulius “D3cor” Vaitiekunas (9th – $71,869).

Stay tuned to PokerStars Blog as in the coming days we’ll be telling you the full story of how this very special Sunday Million was won, with help from the final table players themselves.

Until then, you can’t help but look at the figures below in awe.

What a tournament.

PokerStars Sunday Million 14th Anniversary

Buy-in: $215
Dates: March 22-24, 2020
Entries: 93,016 (60,898 unique, 32,118 re-entries)
Prize pool: $18,602,300

1. AAAArthur (Brazil) $1,192,802.46*
2. Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos (Romania) $921,328.12*
3. Caroline2963 (United Kingdom) $786,873.65*
4. salonteskis (Lithuania) $826,919.68*
5. AlexHoldz (Croatia) $329,356.63
6. Marios “Jully-19” Mansour (Cyprus) $225,108.02
7. tweny1 (Romania) $153,854.04
8. Pokerfrance (Germany) $105,154.58
9. Paulius “D3cor” Vaitiekunas (Lithuania) $71,869.74

*indicates a deal was made.

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