Soccer stars really do make Natural Born Poker Players

November 19, 2015

You notice even a short time after you become a poker player. They’re the moments that show you your strengths, the situations in which you thrive at the table, the attributes that make you the player you are.

It might be your courage during key moments, your capacity to pull off a bluff, or your quick thinking in a tricky spot. Whatever it is, they’re the things that make you a poker player – a Natural Born Poker Player.

PokerStars launched Natural Born Poker Player to put your poker skills to the test in a completely different environment – in this case taking off after a thief, in the most compelling of street chases. Will the crook get away, or do you have what it takes to save the day?

Because the kind of decisions you make speaks a lot about your personality; the same qualities you have away from the table make you the player you are at the table.

That’s what PokerStars Ambassadors Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr discovered when they took part in the experience.

Hardly surprising, but it turns out both displayed the same attributes at the poker table that they were known for on the football field.


NJR Natural Poker Style and scores.jpg

So we know Ronaldo is brave, and Neymar Jr is quick thinking. But what does that make you? Are you brave or quick thinking? Perhaps you’re always logical? PokerStars will help you find out.

You won’t need cards or experience, just your instinct. And along the way you might find out more about yourself, and the type of poker player you could be.

Are you ready to find out? Click here to see if you’re a Natural Born Poker Player.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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