bra boy84 takes down PokerStars Twitter Poker League, week 2

June 15, 2010


The Sunday Million has the millions, the ¼ Million has the most players, but the folks over at @PokerStars Twitter page hope a new Sunday tradition will catch on with Twitter Poker League tourneys giving PokerStars players the most to talk Tweet about, writes Joanne Haslam.

Portugal’s bra boy84 won the second league event on Sunday besting 2,370 Twitter users to win $376.36 and take top points. Spain’s Germán dj won week 1 of the league and now shares first place on the league leaderboard.

The league will run for eight-week seasons awarding $25,000 of prizes annually. The Grand Final is scheduled to coincide with WBCOOP and will see PokerStars dish out special prizes for the best Twitter updates and Player of the Year.

With a $1.10 buy-in the league tournaments aim to entertain rather than make poker fortunes. @PokerStars provides live updates for each event, and sociable players provide comments using the #tpoker hashtag – you’d be surprised how much hand history you can squeeze into a 140 character update.

Team PokerStars Online Chiren80’s girlfriend @TaniaUncensored is something of a YouTube starlet and she live streamed her Twitter League play with PokerStars putting a bounty on her head to add to the fun.

@TaniaUncensored I’m out 🙁 KQ suited against 77 and AJs… good luck to all the people who are still in #tpoker!!!! I will keep watching!

TaniaSux may have busted in 635th place but she and others were happy to rail the #tpoker tourney as it headed towards the final table.

The Final Table
Seat 1: Pimir (532951 in chips)
Seat 2: Danilo1012 (64274 in chips)
Seat 3: JeanGrae (771668 in chips)
Seat 4: TRex160466 (526632 in chips)
Seat 5: bra boy84 (1073941 in chips)
Seat 6: Pavel 1035 (246262 in chips)
Seat 7: FHMack (296196 in chips)
Seat 8: aq27 (900660 in chips)
Seat 9: Igor388 (329416 in chips)

JeanGrae was first to bust in unlucky 9th with A♦K♠ beaten by Pimir’s A♥10♠ when he hit a river 10♥. Not much later Pavel1035 made a move, re-raising bra_boy84 with 10♣9♣ but bra boy84 was not for folding his A♥10♣. Ace high was all it took to eliminate Pavel1035.

Bra boy84 was the busiest player at the table so it was no surprise to see him re-raise Danilo1012 from the big blind. Danilo1012 called for a flop of J♣7♣10♦. When Bra boy84 bet Danilo1012 pushed all in with K♣10♣, only to be called by bra boy84 who showed A♠10♠. Danilo1012 hit the flush card A♣ on the turn to double up.

Dinosaur’s fight back
TRex160466 had a monster scare in a blind battle, pushing all-in from the small blind with Q♣6♠ he ran into bra_b0y84 big blind hand A♦Q♠. TRex160466 hit a 6♥ and was not extinct.

Bra boy84 briefly lost his lead to Pimir when the pair tussled each holding a pair, but just a few hands later bra boy84 found his only moment of final table danger when all-in with A♣8♣ he beat Pimir’s 3♠3♣ He was all set to dominate the final table again.

Aq27 was unlucky to run his A♥K♦ into FHMack’s A♣A♠. Most of the chips went in pre-flop, aq27 would miss the 7♥5♣8♣ flop but came out betting, FHMack wasn’t giving up to a re-raise and when cards were on their backs Aq27 would be unsurprised to be out 7th.

Dinosaur trouble
TRex16blah was next out, not believing FHMack could have the cards to beat his A♦J♦ on a board showing A♥10♦7♣7♠. FHMack must have liked the re-raise holding 7♦6♦. The 3♦ river saw more aggressive play by TRex160466 and the player with the dinosaur name exited without much of a roar in 6th place.

This gave FHMack the chip lead, although in the next hand bra boy84 would try his best to catch up. Pimir went all-in with A♠Q♥ and bra boy84’s 10♦10♣ won the coin flip with Pimir out 5th.

Then there were 4
Seat 2: Danilo1012 (549913 in chips)
Seat 5: bra boy84 (1646168 in chips)
Seat 7: FHMack (2341755 in chips)
Seat 9: Igor388 (204164 in chips)

Bra_broy84 has good reason to change his name to bra boy62. With 6♦2♦ in the big blind he found a full house and was gifted chips from Danilo1012, then next hand his small blind 6♣2♦ hit two pair versus FHMack’s 10♥10♦.

Igor388 played few hands and was forced all-in on the big blind with J♠9♠. FHMack’s small blind A♦5♣ was too good for him and he was out in 4th.

Blind panic
With 84,913 chips and blinds of 20000/40000 Danilo1012 couldn’t hang about and pushed all-in from the small blind. Bra boy84 liked the look of his K♦J♥ to take him on. Bra boy84 probably liked the K♠J♦10♥ flop even more. Danilo1012 might have liked a queen but it was not to be, he was out in 3rd and places 5th in the leaderboard for his efforts.

There was barely time to note heads-up chips before they were all-in for a hand, but thanks to the magic of PokerStars’ Instant Hand History we did manage to preserve them for posterity :

Seat 5: bra boy84 (3,111,081 in chips)
Seat 7: FHMack (1,630,919 in chips)

In just the second hand of heads-up play FHMack raised and was re-raised by bra boy84, but on a 3♣5♣J♣ flop FHmack pushed and bra boy84 quit. The hand levelled things out between the two.

Even stevens
Seat 5: bra boy84 (2,401,081 in chips)
Seat 7: FHMack (2,340,919 in chips)

bra boy84 inched his way to a chip lead yet again while avoiding showdowns or post-worthy hands. Then a raise from bra boy84 and a re-raise from FHMack boosted a pot and the players saw a 8♣7♠10♦ flop. FHMack bet and bra boy84 pushed all-in. FHMack called with his A♠Q♦ and bra boy84 showed 7♦9♦. A pair of sevens was enough to win the game for bra boy84.

Points mean prizes
Bra boy84 took the lead early on and seemed determined not to give that up until he’d won all the final table chips. Congratulations to bra boy84, who will need to convert the win to more points in the next league game, staying top of the leaderboard by week eight means a $700 Step ticket and a seat in the main event.

Twitter Poker League Week 2 results (6 -13-10)
1 bra boy84 santo andre Portugal $376.36
2 FHMack Florip Brazil $281.36
3 Danilo1012 Nauen-GERMANY Germany $201.53
4 Igor388 п.Озерновский Russian Federation $138.70
5 Pimir Russia Волжский Russian Federation $105.50
6 TRex160466 einbeck Germany $81.79
7 aq27 Chaves Portugal $58.08
8 Pavel 1035 Letohrad Czech Republic $34.37
9 JeanGrae Toronto ON Canada $20.15

The Twitter Poker League may have a smaller prize pool than the Sunday Million and fewer players than the ¼ Million, but at just a fortnight old the Twitter Poker League has found plenty of fans. Want to join them? The next game is Sunday June 20th at 14:00 ET.

Tweet with #tpoker and I’ll wish you luck.

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