Bounty Builder Series: eye-catching events, micro stakes madness, and a $1.5 million gtd Sunday Million

October 16, 2020inPoker

The second exciting weekend of the Bounty Builder Series is about to begin, with close to $5 million guaranteed, including a $1.5 million special edition Sunday Million.

There’s 14 events on Saturday and 15 on Sunday, and you can see all of them by clicking on the “Bounty Builder Series” tab on PokerStars.

We’ve picked out some of the highlights for you, including the top prize pools, micro stakes tourneys, and eye-catching events.

Top guarantees

Although Sunday is always the biggest day for tournament poker, Saturday has an impressive line-up too. If you’re looking for the top guarantees on Saturday, check out:

Bounty Builder Series 090 (Bounty Builder HR SE)
Buy-in: $530
Guarantee: $200k

Bounty Builder Series 091
Buy-in: $55
Guarantee: $225k

There are four events with a guarantee of over $300k on Sunday. The top pick is the special edition Sunday Million, with $1.5 million gtd. The Mini Sunday Million is also a lucrative affair, with the buy-in running at half its usual price.

Bounty Builder Series 105 (Sunday Million SE)
Buy-in: $109
Guarantee: $1.5 million

Bounty Builder Series 106 (Mini Sunday Million SE)
Buy-in: $11
Guarantee: $300k

Also well worth a look on Sunday are event 108 and event 111, both high stakes events with guarantees of over $300k.

Micro madness

This year’s Bounty Builder series is more accessible than ever before, with lots of buy-ins at the micro level.

Here are the top micro stakes picks for Saturday:

Bounty Builder Series 086 (8-Max)
Buy-in: $1.10
Guarantee: $7.5k

Bounty Builder Series 098 (8-Max, Turbo)
Buy-in: $2.20
Guarantee: $10k

There aren’t any $1.10 or $2.20 tourneys on Sunday, but if you want to kick it up a notch there are two $5.50 events that offer excellent chances to win big:

Bounty Builder Series 101 (8-Max)
Buy-in: $5.50
Guarantee: $50k

Bounty Builder Series 113
Buy-in: $5.50
Guarantee: $60k

Eye-catching events

Along with the usual Texas Hold ‘em tourney formats, the Bounty Builder Series offers a number of eye-catching events.

On Saturday, you can find two Shootout events. In this format, you must win your table to progress to the next round, until the final table meets for the last showdown. Check out:

Bounty Builder Series 093 (6-max, Shootout)
Buy-in: $109
Guarantee: $75k

Bounty Builder Series 094 (6-max, Shootout)
Buy-in: $11
Guarantee: $50k

Fans of Omaha can enjoy three tourneys this weekend, the first on Saturday, and two more on Sunday. These include two PLO games and a No-limit tourney. The high stakes event on Sunday will have a $100k guarantee.

Bounty Builder Series 092 (6-max, PLO)
Buy-in: $22
Guarantee: $40k

Bounty Builder Series 100 (6-max, NLO)
Buy-in: $22
Guarantee: $15k

Bounty Builder Series 107 (6-max, PLO)
Buy-in: $530
Guarantee: $100k

If you like your poker tourneys fast and furious, check out the hyper turbo tourneys on offer this weekend. The first is late on Saturday, the second on Sunday:

Bounty Builder Series 099 (6-max, Hyper turbo)
Buy-in: $55
Guarantee: $125k

Bounty Builder Series 110 (6-max, Hyper turbo)
Buy-in: $109
Guarantee: $125k


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