Jaunki “B4NKR0LL3R” Vecino pulls off second title of the series as he continues his rise to prominence, huge scores for both first and second place in Thursday Thrill, and hyper turbo action ends evening with big wins at rapid speed. Here’s your Blowout Series highlights and results for Day 2


Huge score for Old brock in Thursday Thrill: The special edition Thursday Thrill played through to its winner last night. Poland’s “DrawindDead” had chip lead by the tourney went on break, and with just seven players left looked like a likely favorite until they crashed out in third. “Y.Zakharov” from Russia was next to go in second, yet a succession of high scoring bounties earned them an impressive finish worth $61,965, nearly as much as first place. But not quite. The true victory belonged to “Old brock” from Austria. Results are well hidden, but Old brock has definitely been around the block, regularly appearing in high stakes events and earning a SCOOP title in 2020. Their $70,152 Blowout Series Thursday Thrill win was the biggest of the evening.

Second Blowout title for Juanki “B4NKR0LL3R” Vecino: 2020 was a huge year for Jaunki “B4NKR0LL3R” Vecino, originally from Spain but now playing out of the UK. They started with a Winter Series victory, won a Bounty Builder Series title, and took down the Sunday Million and Wrap-Up in the same day. That was all before March. There looked to be no reason why Vecino wouldn’t roll with it, and that’s exactly what he’s done. His year started with a huge $69k win in the Blowout Series #37-H less than two weeks ago. Vecino now has a second Blowout title after taking down the #75-H 4-Max event for $36,883. He’s not looking like slowing down anytime soon.

$28k in two and a half hours. Makes sence? The Blowout Series Day 20 schedule concluded with fast and furious action in the form of the #76 PKO Turbo event. The high stakes version attracted 974 entries for a total prize pool of just a touch under $200k. “daltonhb”, winner of the Blowout Series #46-H provided stiff competition as they eyed up a second title of the series. They were denied by “MakeItSence?” from Germany, who pulled through to win $28,182 (inc. bounties) in just two and a half hours.

Anjeyyy leads #74-H with four players remaining: Event #74 is a classic NLHE game with no kinks or quirks. The high stakes version is down to just four players. “Anjeyyy” from Ukraine as a monster chip lead of more than 2-1 over current second place “edudrake1987” from Brazil. The medium version is down to 43 players, and will have a huge first prize of $52k. Results of that one covered tomorrow.


Event Entries Prize Pool Winner Country Prize
#68-L: $11 PKO 16,377 $160,494 CayJay1802 Canada $11,283
#68-M: $109 PKO, Mini Thursday Thrill 4,440 $444,000 The Borsch Russia $41,642
#68-H: $1,050 PKO, Thursday Thrill 539 $539,000 Old brock Austria $70,152
#72-L: $5.50 PLO, 6-Max 3,431 $16,811 JackASS 005 UK $2,191
#72-M: $55 PLO, 6-Max 1089 $54,450 dimadondolad Russia $8,785
#72-H: $530 PLO, 6-Max 164 $82,000 chorizo72 Denmark $16,620
#73-L: $2.20 PKO 13,351 $26,167 madmax0977 Germany $1,769
#73-M: $22 PKO 9,598 $191,960 r4fuel UK $14,689
#73-H: $215 PKO 1,051 $210,200 UhhMee Canada $24,740
#75-L: $5.50, 4-Max, Turbo 15,096 $73,970 ivan00st Croatia $8,461
#75-M: $55, 4-Max, Turbo 3,794 $189,700 PaSu9090 Ireland $27,126
#75-H: $530, 4-Max, Turbo 347 $200,000 B4NKR0LL3R UK $36,883
#76-L: $2.20, Hyper-Turbo, PKO 9,885 $19,863 777filin777 Russia $1,766
#76-M: $22, Hyper-Turbo, PKO 7,324 $153,437 Pocok85 Hungary $14,738
#76-H: $215, Hyper-Turbo, PKO 974 $199,436 MakeItSence? Germany $28,182



Tournaments completed: 225
Total entries: 1,777,860 (inc. 258,138 re-entries)
Total prize pools: $73,641,393
First-place prizes: $8,934,506 (inc. bounties)
Tournaments ongoing: 3
Starting today: 12

Note: Stats refer to completed tournaments only


Three more titles for the UK and three for Russia. Both pull closer to the top as Brazil fail to put a notch on the leaderboard on Day 20. Canada and Germany also scored two a piece, with Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Ireland and Hungary also claiming one more in the Blowout Series:

25 titles – Brazil
21 – UK
18 – Russia
16 – Netherlands, Canada
14 – Germany
10 – Romania
9 – Austria
8 – Sweden
7 – Bulgaria, Greece, Poland
6 – Ukraine
5 – Finland, Denmark, Hungary
4 – Argentina, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Mexico, Ireland
3 – Czech Republic, Norway, New Zealand, Croatia
1 – Belarus, Belgium, Chile, Guernsey, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mongolia, Panama, Philippines, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, Uruguay, Vietnam.


The biggest event starting today on the Blowout Series calendar is the #78, which includes the special edition Saturday KOs. The $109 medium event is fairly accessible and has a $350k guarantee. There’s also Deep Stacks and 6+ Hold ’em on the cards. Check it out:

Event #77: Deep Stack, Freezout
Buy-ins: $2.20, $22, $215
Guarantees: $30k, $100k, $115k

Event #78: Saturday KO special editions
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $175k, $350k, $125k

Event #79: 6+ Hold ’em, 6-Max
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $25k, $50k, $75k

Event #80: PKO, Freezout
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $50k, $150k, $125k


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