Big results for Lex Veldhuis, xflixx, and Kevin Martin

August 28, 2018

While the PokerStars Blog team has been busy at EPT Barcelona, PokerStars Team Online’s Lex Veldhuis, Felix ‘xflixx’ Schneider, and Kevin Martin have been putting in work of their own. And over the past couple of days, they’ve all enjoyed some big results.

Lex’s Sunday

We’ll start with Veldhuis, who enjoyed a very deep run on Sunday in the biggest weekly online tournament, the Sunday Million. At one point he had an incredible 19,000 viewers!

19K viewers for Veldhuis

Rewinding back before he reached those dizzy heights, the Milly run all kicked off with a triple up. As Fintan Hand would say, it’s easy with aces:

By the time they’d reached just 29 players remaining, deep into the money, Veldhuis found himself the short stack. He did enjoy a double up with big slick though:

Ultimately it just wasn’t Lex’s day. It all ended right here:

Out of 4,461 runners, Veldhuis finished 29th for $2,126.14. On the same day he also placed 12th in the Sunday Warm-Up for $1,721.89. In that one, he also took down a big pot with pocket aces:

But once again, as the tournament got deeper things didn’t run so smooth and Lex found himself one of the shorties. He’d enjoy a double up with K♣10♣ over pocket eights:

He’d lose a coinflip for his tournament life though, busting out in 12th:

GG Lex, and congratulations on a huge stream.

Big spin-up for Schneiders

Felix Schneiders had a great start to the week, qualifying for the Hot $162 for just $16.50. That satellite investment turned out to be a very lucrative one, as he’d go on to finish second for a $2,383.73, outlasting all but one of the 91 runners.

Nice run Felix!

Kevin Martin wins yet another live tournament

It was only a few weeks ago that we told you how Kevin Martin had won two live tournaments in his hometown of Calgary within a very short span.

He’s now back in the winner’s circle, chalking up another $49,700 score by taking down the Deerfoot Poker Room’s Summer Super Stack Main Event.

Keep crushing K-Mart.

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