Best poker moments: The craziest poker flop

February 25, 2021inPoker

Best poker moments: The craziest poker flop

Digging once more into the PokerStars video team’s archives, here’s one of the wilder hands ever aired on the broadcasts. In fact, if we didn’t actually witness this one play out, we’d probably suspect it was made up.

The video begins with a headline declaring the hand contains “the craziest poker flop.” But the turn and river were pretty crazy, too.

The hand came during the 2012 European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event eventually won by Mikalai Pobal.

Theo Jorgensen starts the action by opening with A♦K♣ from middle position. Jorgensen was probably surprised to get not just one caller, but four of them.

As it would happen, the flop would turn out to be less than favorable for ace-king, curtailing Jorgensen’s further involvement.

However, that flop would attract plenty of interest from others.

Alex Poplavskis called Jorgensen’s raise from the hijack with 6♠6♣, then Rune Nikolaisen called as well from the button with Q♣10♣.

Vladimir Troyanovskiy then came along from the small blind with Q♦J♦, and Martin Schleich (who won that event the year before) called as well from the big blind with A♣2♦.

Then came that flop — Q♥6♦Q♠! Cue the car crash!

With Poplavskis flopping a full house and both Nikolaisen and Troyanovskiy flopping trip queens, it isn’t that surprising to see those three get their chips in while the other two players stepped aside.

But the turn and river provide still more thrills. We’ll avoid spoilers, but watch and find out how each of the three all-in players would lead at some point in the hand!

Crazy flop? Sure. Crazy turn and crazy river? Yes and yes.


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