The Belgian Poker Series has finished the third of its Day 1 flights. The tournament has seen big crowds, familiar faces, and lots of action in its first three days in play.

Day 1C saw many familiar names, including 2009 winner Antonio Guida, Tobias Peters, Bart Verbanck, Pierre Neuville, Jorg Peisert, and onetime EPT Monte Carlo champion Pieter de Korver. Other friendly faces included Frederic Van der Mersch and Raijmond Slabbekoorn.

Among the people lost on Day 1c were De Korver, Tobia Peters, and Antonio Guida.

Here were some of the top chip counts from Day 1c.

DANG Tuan – 154800 (Belgium)
BEKKOUCHE Karim – 145800 (France)
ISMAIL Demir – 122600 (Belgium) (Ukash)
DAOU Youssef – 119900 (Belgium)
DAVID Steven – 112700 (Belgium)
VERSLEGERS Jeremie – 106600 (Belgium)
VANHAEREN Fabrice – 106000 (Belgium)
DEMANY Alain – 96800 (Belgium)
PEPE Franck – 94800 (France) (Ukash)
URUS Metin – 92600 (Belgium)
NOUNA Ahmed – 92300 (Morroco)


Tuan Dang

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