Become the next member of Team PokerStars Pro (without leaving the house)

September 27, 2019inPoker

PokerStars is looking for a brand new member of Team Pro, but not the type you might have seen before.

They’ll have the same passion and enthusiasm for the game. And they’ll be an active community members.

The difference will be they’ll have a VR headset to hand.

It’s just one part of a brand-new Virtual Reality Poker Tour we announced details of last week.

You can click here for spoilers, or read on below for more details.

Become the first PokerStars VR Ambassador

The PokerStars Virtual Realty Poker Tour starts this Saturday, the first of it’s kind. To register visit Discord in the VRPT channel

This is a brand-new role though, so will require a different type of Ambassador.

And for that reason, we want to open this up to everyone – as many VR poker players as possible, from anywhere you can play it.

That’s why we’ve created multiple ways for you to make the shortlist.

That’s the final ten players we’re looking for before we name our ambassador.

There are ten ways to qualify

It’s not just about your talents on the virtual poker felt. There are plenty of ways to get our attention off it too.

Here are the ten ways you can qualify:

  • Every hand you play between Sept 27th 12pm ET until Feb 3rd 12pm ET gives you a ticket to be drawn for a seat into the Final 10.
  • Community Hero – The most helpful community members (judged by Lucky VR Devs/PokerStars) across all digital channels will be selected. To be a community hero, you need to be someone who is passionate and helpful in growing and supporting the PokerStars VR community.
  • Most Chips Won in Cash Games – this seat will be awarded to the player who is the largest net chips winner in Cash Games from Sept 26th to Feb 3rd 12pm ET.
  • Leaderboard Rings/Spinning Tops Draw – Each Leaderboard Ring Won in Cash Games or Sit & Go or Spinning Tops won in Spin & Go Leaderboards between Sept 26th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm ET will count as 1 entry into this draw for a Final 10 seat. Multiple tickets may be won per player for this draw.
  • VRPT Player of the Year – This Final 10 seat will be awarded to the Season 1 VRPT POY winner. The player who accumulates the most VRPT Tournament leaderboard points across all VRPT Tournaments until Feb 3rd 12pm ET 2020.
  • Spin to Win – Any player who hits the PokerStars VR Ambassador Slot on the lobby spinwheel from Sept 27th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm ET will be entered into a draw for a Final 10 seat. You may only qualify once for this draw.
  • Make a Royal Flush – If you make a Royal Flush in PokerStars VR from Sept 27th 12pm -Feb 3rd 12pm ET and the hand gets to showdown, you will be given a Royal Flush finalist draw ticket for each instance. We will then draw from the Royal Flush finalists for a Final 10 seat winner. Multiple tickets may be won per player for this draw.
  • Spin & Go – Any player who wins the top chips prize on any stake Spin & Go will also win a ticket to a draw where one winner will advance to the Final 10. Multiple tickets may be won per player for this draw.
  • Discord Ninja – The Discord Ninja qualifier will go to our top 5 most helpful, active and engaging Discord members from Sept 27th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm to be entered into a draw for the Final 10 seat. Selected by Lucky VR Devs/PokerStars.
  • Popular Vote – The in game voting system will allow any player to cast their vote for who they think should be the PokerStars VR Ambassador using their watch UI. Must have played 1000 hands to qualify to vote. Player with the most votes from Sept 27th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm will earn a seat into the Final 10.

So being great on the tables is one way (and doing well in the VR PT – see below). But so too is being a community super star.

Start with the Virtual Reality Poker Tour this Saturday

The tour starts this weekend with the first Space event.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Friday September 27: Mini Main Event, a 1 million chip buy-in with a 60 million guarantee
  • Saturday September 28: Main Event, a 5 million chip buy-in with a 300 million chip guarantee
  • Sunday September 29: Ultra High roller, a 25 million chip buy-in with a 200 million chip guarantee

Winners of each event will become the first players to receive a PokerStars VRPT bracelet for their avatar.

They’ll also received points towards the Player of the Year leader board.

You can play from anywhere in the world and all for free. All you need is a headset and you could be winning all sorts of virtual swag, as well as tournament bracelets that you can add to your avatar.

Then make poker history

You might be thinking, wait, being a VR ambassador sounds a lot different to being a fully-fledged member of Team PokerStars.

Yeah, you’re right.

As our VR Ambassador, you won’t be required to travel to events.

And you won’t need to be away from home for long periods of time.

You’ll be spared the jetlag, the hotel bills, and the need to find someone who’ll feed your cat.

You can do everything from home.

But then there are the similarities too.

You’re still going to stand out.

Not just for the logo you’ll be wearing. But for the reasons that will make you our VR ambassador in the first place.

Are you up for it?

You have until now and next February to make your case.

Check out the video above for ways you can increase your chances, and watch out for more news about this vacancy in the coming weeks.

And remember… the PokerStars VR Poker Tour is free to play and available wherever our VR games are permitted. Get signed up now on the PokerStars Discord Channel before seats fill up.

Ready to sign up for PokerStars? Click here to get an account.


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