Bankroll Challenge alert! $1,000. 10 days. 24/7 stream.

November 28, 2017

We all do crazy things with our buddies. We go to the pub and stay too long. We taunt the monkeys at the zoo. We go back to the pub, talk about the monkeys. As you do.

Kevin Martin and his buddy Ryan Schoonbaert are taking things to a different level.

This week, they decided to kick off a bankroll challenge. That’s not so crazy. They decided to stream it. Maybe that would have been crazy ten years ago, but today my grandma is thinking about streaming. She’s a balla of the holla variety.

Martin and Schoobaert decided to stream their efforts 24/7. Cool, but not new. So, they decided to run the stream 24/7 for ten days straight.

Somebody call Red Bull.


Here’s how it works:

Over on Kevin Martin’s Twitch stream, the guys are working in 12-hour shifts, supporting each other as they…well, as they try to defeat each other. It’s complicated.

Both of them started with $1,000 and are trying to run that roll up as big as they can. And, since we report the facts (and some lies about the primates at the zoo), we will be the first to report Day 1 didn’t go well for either guy. Both are in the red.

Can they get out? Can they stay awake? Will they help each other beat each other?

You can watch highlights on Kevin’s YouTube channel or watch it happen live on Twitch.

Have fun. Watch out for the monkeys. They are still spiteful. Probably.

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