Banish tilt and think like a winner!

July 16, 2014

Poker is many things to many people: a fun, social experience; a way to blow off steam; a thrilling challenge; even a full-time job. There are as many reasons to play poker as there are people who play the game, but whatever your motivation there’s one less desirable facet of the game that’s sure to catch up to you at one point or another. I refer, of course, to that great leveller: ’tilt’.

Just as every player has their own reasons for playing, so too every player has their own unique brand of tilt. From the social player who finds the table to be too ‘professional’, to the professional who finds the players a little too ‘social’, tilt visits us all, and has a nasty habit of leaving us with fewer chips than we had when it arrived.

Whatever your many reasons for playing, I’m pretty sure that losing chips isn’t one of them, so what can we do to try and keep our stacks while all about us are losing theirs and blaming it on tilt?

One man who knew a little about success was Napoleon Hill, author of the seminal 1937 book Think And Grow Rich. This early example of the ‘self-help’ book has helped generations find success in a range of different fields, including boxer Ken Norton, who credited the book with helping him build the confidence he needed to defeat Muhammad Ali for the Heavyweight title in 1973.

Here, with the help of Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree, we present some choice nuggets of Hill’s wisdom, adapted for the modern age in order to help us all defeat our own biggest adversary: Tilt.

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