bagoch bags $111,321, largest ever Super Tuesday first prize (2/12/13)

February 13, 2013

It was yet another massive Super Tuesday field this week, with 589 playing the $1,050 no-limit hold’em tourney. That’s just eight players shy of the all-time biggest Super Tuesday turnout of 597 three weeks ago. The $589,000 prize pool nearly doubled the $300K guarantee, and after more than 11 hours of poker it was bagoch of Lithuania prevailing to earn a $111,321 first prize — in fact the most cash ever won by a single player in the Super Tuesday!

Bubble Bursts

After five-and-a-half hours just 73 players remained, with hand-for-hand play then in order until the cash bubble burst at 72. A severely short-stacked artachooo picked up A♥A♠ during that period, earning a much-needed double-up. And gaucho47 and C. Darwin2 were also hanging on with fewer than five big blinds.

During that stretch MrP0P fell down below 1,000 chips, and soon was forced all in with J♥9♥ versus two opponents. But the board brought a jack to give MrP0P the best hand and enough chips to make it to the next big blind. Before long MrP0P was all in again versus two opponents, and this time was dealt 6♦5♦ and three diamonds appeared, again allowing MrP0P to last a few more hands.

By then SlowDoke had fallen to 794 chips, and put them all in with 10♥7♥ versus PIUlimeira’s J♥J♣. The flop came 10♦8♠7♠ to give SlowDoke two pair, and the hand held.

Meanwhile an unfortunate Aguskb was eliminated on another table in 73rd place, and the cash bubble had finally burst.

Finding a Final Table

As more players fell and the field further shrunk, they’d soon reach the six-hour break with O”Pazzzo” leading with 168,144, 4rebmun next with 148,455, and Chaaai in third position with 132,254. An hour-and-a-half after that the were down to 18, with O”Pazzzo” out in 25th and Chaaai out in 20th (both earning $3,534), and 4rebmun sitting in third behind mjw006 (322,936) and Fishenzon (288,194).

It would take an hour more for nine more eliminations to occur, with Fishenzon pushing into first position with more than 700,000 chips along the way.

üä-qaypö.wsx (18th), Xibummmmm (17th), and Lequenden (16th) each earned $4,712 for their finishes. Craig “mcc3991” McCorkell (15th), Eiffel (14th), and nowitzki_ba (13th) took away $5,890 apiece. And Lena900 (12th), F P C (11th), and Seth “SFisch4” Fischer (10th) each realized $7,068 paydays.

After eight-and-a-half hours, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Fishenzon (Canada) — 788,996
Seat 2: NeoForastero (Mexico) — 120,331
Seat 3: Steve “Illini213” Barshak (Costa Rica) — 338,352
Seat 4: 4rebmun (Canada) — 372,169
Seat 5: jedi9000 (Canada) — 97,931
Seat 6: bagoch (Lithuania) — 522,896
Seat 7: mjw006 (Australia) — 127,758
Seat 8: Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp (Canada) — 405,448
Seat 9: KatePkrPro (Canada) — 171,119

From 9 to 4

About 10 minutes after the final table began, 4rebmun fell in ninth place.

The hand began with Fishenzon making a min-raise to 14,400 from the hijack seat, then Illini213 reraising to 35,185 from the button. 4rebmun then pushed all in from the small blind for 233,804, and jedi9000 called all in from the big blind with a shorter stack of 102,431. Fishenzon folded, but Illini213 called.

4rebmun: 9♣9♠
Illini213: A♥K♣
jedi9000: A♣A♠

A tough spot for 4rebmun, and when the board came 2♦5♥3♣8♥K♥, jedi9000 won the main pot and that river king gave Illini213 the side pot to send 4rebmun to the rail.

The remaining eight pushed on past the nine-hour mark, and soon after that break a hand arose in which Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp made a 2x open from middle position to 16,000. Sitting a couple of seats over, NeoForastero had become super short with 29,031 and pushed all in, getting two callers in jedi9000 from the big blind and Tripp.

Both jedi9000 and Tripp then checked down the Q♠5♣5♦ flop, 7♣ turn, and 10♦ river. jedi9000 then showed 2♦2♥ for two pair, BetrThanPhil showed 10♥4♣ for a better two pair, and NeoForastero mucked having been eliminated in eighth.

About 15 minutes later the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp again opened with a 2x raise to 18,000, this time from early position, and Steve “Illini213” Barshak called from the button. It folded to bagoch in the big blind who reraised to 48,956. Tripp folded, but Barshak called.

The flop came K♣2♠A♦, and bagoch led for 26,524. Illini213 raised to 57,185, bagoch reraised to 87,846, and Barshak called. The turn then brought the 4♦ and a check from bagoch. Barshak pushed all in for 116,583, and bagoch called. Illini213 had but Q♥J♣ while bagoch had top pair with A♥Q♦, and after the 5♦ river they were down to six.

A little later they’d reached Level 36 (6,000/12,000/1,500) when Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp open-raised all in for 179,830 from under the gun and it folded around to mjw006 in the big blind who called. Tripp had 3♦3♣ and mjw006 A♠Q♣. The flop was 5♥5♣8♣ and turn the 2♥, and Tripp’s treys were still best. But the A♦ fell on the river to pair mjw006’s ace, and BetrThanPhil was gone in sixth.

A half-dozen hands later it was Fishenzon min-raising to 24,000 from under the gun, then jedi9000 pushed all in from a seat over for 195,222. It folded back to Fishenzon who quickly called the reraise, showing Q♥Q♣ to jedi9000’s A♥K♠. The community cards rolled out 3♥3♠7♥10♠10♣, Fishenzon’s queens were best, and jedi9000’s Super Tuesday run had ended in fifth.

From 4 to 2

Soon the 10-hour break arrived, with bagoch in front with 1,138,062, Fishenzon next with 874,944, mjw006 in third with 520,881, and KatePkrPro with 411,113. Those four played another 40 minutes with bagoch still ahead, then came two knockouts in quick succession suddenly to bring the tournament to heads up.

First the blinds were 9,000/18,000 when Fishenzon opened for 36,000 from the button, bagoch reraised to 75,595 from the small blind, then mjw006 pushed all in for 337,485 from the big blind. Fishenzon stepped aside, but bagoch called, showing A♥Q♥ to mjw006’s Q♦J♥.

The board came 5♦10♦6♣9♦2♣, missing both players and thus eliminating mjw006 in fourth.

Then on the very next hand bagoch opened for 2x from the cutoff. KatePkrPro then reraised all in for 322,363 from the small blind and Fishenzon followed suit by pushing for 693,248 from the big blind. That prompted bagoch to step aside, and KatePkrPro showed 8♦8♣ while Fishenzon turned over A♣J♠,

The flop came Q♥A♥9♦ to give Fishenzon a pair of aces, and after the 2♥ turn and 6♦ river they were down to two.

Heads Up

Heads-up play began with bagoch ahead with 1,886,639 to Fishenzon’s 1,058,361. The pair immediately halted proceedings to talk about a possible deal. But when numbers were produced and bagoch began asking for more, Fishenzon refused to negotiate further and play resumed with no deal having been made.

With no deal that meant one of the two was looking to earn the scheduled $111K-plus first prize, which as mentioned represents the biggest cash prize ever in Super Tuesday history since the previous record-best Super Tuesday field of 597 (on 1/22/13) ended in a four-way chop.

They continued through the 11-hour mark with bagoch maintaining about a 2-to-1 chip lead, and the whittling away at Fishenzon’s stack continued into the 12th hour of play. Soon the blinds were up to 10,000/20,000 and Fishenzon’s stack down to about 330,000 when the final hand took place.

bagoch began with a 2x raise to 40,000 from the button, then Fishenzon shoved for 328,333 and bagoch instantly called. Fishenzon had J♥4♥, but bagoch had been dealt A♥A♦. There was little further drama as the board came 9♣3♠6♦6♥6♣, and bagoch had won.

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Congratulations to bagoch of Lithuania for topping another huge Super Tuesday field to turn $1,050 into an eye-popping $111,321!

2/12/13 Super Tuesday final table results:
1st: bagoch (Lithuania) — $111,321.00
2nd: Fishenzon (Canada) — $81,586.50
3rd: KatePkrPro (Canada) — $60,078.00
4th: mjw006 (Australia) — $45,353.00
5th: jedi9000 (Canada) — $31,806.00
6th: Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp (Canada) — $31,806.00
7th: Steve “Illini213” Barshak (Costa Rica) — $19,142.50
8th: NeoForastero (Mexico) — $13,252.50
9th: 4rebmun (Canada) — $9,011.70

Entrants: 589
Prize pool: $589,000
Places paid: 72

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