Baby Dragon Live Coverage

February 10, 2017


• PLAYERS: 101 (of 602)

MPC26 SCHEDULE | DOWNLOAD POKERSTARS  Sun Leads Record Breaking Baby Dragon Field

Jianfeng Sun Leads Baby Dragon

The first and only starting flight for the MPC26 Baby Dragon has come and gone with players duking it out over twelve 40-minute levels of play. When late registration closed at the end of level six a staggering 602 players had anted up and taken their seats.

This smashed the previous record for the Baby Dragon set back in September 2016 at MPC25, which attracted 575 entries and marks yet another high point in Pokerstars LIVE Macau history.

Just 101 of the 602 entries successfully circumnavigated the tournament minefield to remain in contention for a share of the HK$4.2 million prize pool, 72 of whom will be making the money with an impressive $HK915,068 (~US$117,929) on offer for first place.
The man best positioned to take this down is China’s Jianfeng Sun who steamrolled his way through the field to finish with a commanding lead. Sun stayed off the radar until midway through the day when he three-bet jammed A♣5♣ from the button over the top of a Sebastian Clot small blind re-raise. 

Clot made the call with pocket queens but did not enjoy his lead in the hand for long with the flop falling ace-high to send the Frenchman crashing out of the tournament and shoot Sun up to over 100,000 in chips.

Korea’s Dong Kim briefly flirted with the chip lead before losing a huge hand to Albert Paik after moving all-in on the river with A♥K♠ on an ace-high four-diamond board. Paik called all-in for his tournament life with Q♦J♠ to take a bite out of Kim’s stack and drop the Korean player back down to below the 100,000-chip mark.

This opened the door for Sun to cement his lead still further shortly afterwards, with the Chinese player picking off an opponent’s audacious river bluff on a board reading 6♣K♠A♦K♥J♥. Sun made the call with A♥10♦, which was well ahead of his opponent’s nine-high, to shoot into pole position and finish the day with 201,000.

Sun’s next closest rival is Philippines’ Lester Edoc who concluded play with 155,400 with China’s Fulong Chen (145,400), Shengjie Fan  (121,900) and Hong Kong’s Alan Lau (114,800) rounding out the top five.

With close to five sixths of the field busting before then end of play there were more tales of woe than there were of triumph with two-time defending champion Derx Lei just one of many to fall by the wayside. Other notables who did not make the cut included Scott Davies, Jack Wu, Pete Chen and Team PokerStars Online Pro Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew.

You can see a full list of the end of day chip counts here and the Day 2 seat draw here.

Play resumes on Saturday 11 February at 1pm local time (GMT+8) so join us then as we see who has what it takes to go the distance and tame the MPC26 Baby Dragon.

2:50am: Baby Dragon Day 1 Finished
Level 12 – Blinds 1000/2000/300

Day 1 of the record breaking 602-strong field Baby Dragon is now done and dusted. Players are in the midst of bagging up their chips.

The clear frontrunner is China’s Jianfeng Sun who bulldozed his way through the field to finish the day with an impressive 200,000 in chips. With the average coming in at a little over 55,000 Sun is in a commanding position to take the title, but with tournament poker being an extremely high variance game the remaining 108 runners still have it all to play for.

Official chip counts and the end of day recap will be online shortly so watch this space.

Play resumes at 1pm local time (GMT+8) on Saturday 11 February and the Pokerstars blog will be on hand to bring you all the action as it happens.

2:30am: Kim Takes Hit, Sun Cements Lead
Level 12 – Blinds 1000/2000/300

For just the briefest of moments it looked like there was a new chip leader in town with Korea’s Dong Kim climbing to over 100,000 while Jianfeng Sun dropped below the six-figure mark.

However, that all changed very rapidly following two hands on two separate tables that happened in quick succession.

In the first Kim became involved in a huge pot against Albert Paik. We caught the action on the turn on a board reading 8♦5♣10♦ A♦ with play heads-up just as Paik led out from the small blind for 4,500 into a pot already over 10,000. 

Kim made the call and the river came down 7♦ which brought another 4,500 bet from Paik. This brought a very quick shove from Kim to send Paik deep into the tank as, with just 31,600 behind the call represented his tournament life.

However, call Paik did and the cards were turned over, Paik’s Q♦J♣ flush leading Kim’s A♥K♠ to grant Paik the double to 63,200 while Kim drops to around 95,000.

Just as the dust was settling on the previous hand we caught the action on the river in a heads-up pot between Jiangfeng Sun and an opponent. 

With over 100,000 already in the pot and the community cards reading 6♣K♠A♦K♥J♥ Sun was facing his opponent’s all-in shove of 28,100.

While he had the chips to spare it looked llike Sun was facing a tough decision and he agonized for a good few minutes before eventually making the call.

“Wow!” exclaimed Sun when the cards were flipped over as Sun’s all-in opponent sheepishly turned over 9♥7♦ for the ballsiest bluff we have seen in quite some time. 

“Good bet, I nearly folded,” said Sun as he turned over A♥10♦ to scoop the monster pot and cement his chip lead. Sun’s brave but bust opponent headed for the rail while the Chinese player climbs to around 200,000  – close to double that of next closest rival Kitty Kuo who has roughly 100,000.

All that action brings us to the last seven hands of the day and play will be all wrapped up in moments.

2:10pm: Stacks
Level 12 – Blinds 1000/2000/300

The 126 remaining entries have entered the last level of the day – just 40-minutes remain before play halts for the evening. 

It appears that Jianfeng Sun is still leading the charge with a stack of 125,000, though several other players have now hit the six-figure stack mark including Singapore’s Weiliang Tai (110,000) and Taiwan’s Kitty Kuo (100,000).

Other notables still in the running include Anson Wong (80,000), Alan Lau (80,000), Mikal Blomlie (75,000), Chengbin Deng 70,000), Richard Allen (70,000), Antonio Martins (60,000), Bart Luyckx (46,000) and Artem Lobus (45,000).

PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin is also still going strong with what looks to be a 45,000 stack, which is close to the average. 

1:45am: Blomlie Loses Blind Battle
Level 11 – Blinds 800/1600/200

A staggering 100 players have departed over the last two hours of play and it’s getting hard to keep track of who is still in the running. 

Norway’s Mikal Blomlie is one player still very much in contention, though he has just taken a small hit at the hands of a short-stacked tablemate. 

Blomlie was the pre-flop aggressor, moving all-in from the small blind for a little over 70,000. Blomlie easily has the big blind covered but his opponent did not appear to be all that worried made the call for his tournament life, rolling over A♣2♠, which was leading Blomlie’s speculative 4♦7♥.

The board ran out Q♠8♥Q♣10♣J♥ to grant the big blind the double but Blomlie is still very much in the running with a stack of 63,000 with the average stack now coming in at 47,777.

1:15am: The Problem With Jacks…
Level 10 – Blinds 600/1200/200

Ask any poker player and they will tell you that they hate pocket jacks. While it is true that jacks can be one of the trickiest hands to play they have worked out pretty well for the UK’s Richard Allen.

We arrived at Allen’s table just in time to witness a three-way pre-flop all-in between Allen, and China’s Yongguang Wang and Jiaqqi Mai. 

Recreating the action it appears that Mai was the original pre-flop raiser, a short stacked Wang had moved all-in from the button, Allen had then moved all-in from the big blind and Mai, who had both players covered, made the call.

Richard Allen: J♣J♠
Yongguang Wang: A♥8♣
Jiaqqi Mai: K♦K♠

Mai looked primed to bust both opponents when the board ran out 2♠5♦2♣7♠. Allen was just getting up to put his coat on when the timely appearance of the J♦ river gave him a full house and the huge pot. 

Allen climbs to over 55,000, Wang headed for the exit and Mai drops to roughly 35,000 or so.

Another player who had less luck with the fishhooks was Lin Zhu. We caught the action on the turn with a sizable pot brewing between Zhu and tablemate Ming Wu.

With the community cards spread 7♥K♥9♥ K♦ Wu had moved all-in and Zhu was deep in the think tank. Zhu did eventually make the call with… you guessed it J♥J♦ but was trailing to Zhu’s flopped set of sevens 7♦7♣.

There was no miracle jack on the river this time around and Wu doubled to 50,000 while Zhu dropped to 14,000.

This found its way into the middle the very next hand when Zhu moved all-in with A♠4♠ and was quickly called by Xing Su holding A♥K♥.

Fortunately for Zhu the board ran out 2♠6♥4♣2♣5♠ to grant the double and bring the Chinese player back up to just under the average.

12:50pm: Sun Busts Clot to Take Lead
Level 10 – Blinds 600/1200/200

Just as we were scouting the room for some chip counts we caught the tail end of a huge hand between France’s Sebastian Clot and China’s Jianfeng Sun.

Clot was on his feet muttering “So sick!” to himself with Q♠Q♦ face up on the table in front of him.

With the board reading 7♥A♥7♦4♦8♦ and A♣5♣ face up in front of Sun it’s easy to see why Clot is unhappy with this turn of events. 

According to the Frenchman, pre-flop Sun had raised from the button, Clot re-raised from the small blind and Sun had quickly moved all-in. Obviously Clot had called and when the stacks are counted down Sun had Clot covered to send the Frenchman crashing out of the tournament. 

Sun rises to over 110,000 after the dust settled and now looks to be the chip leader by some margin. 

The average stack is now coming in at just over 32,000 and other notable stacks include Norway’s Mikal Blomlie (65,000), Taiwan’s Kitty Kuo (35,000), former APOY Alan Lau (75,000), Quan Zhou (30,000) and Steve Yea (25,000).

PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin has around 60,000 and Bart Luyckx (41,000), Artem Lobus (35,000), Anson Wong (80,000), Alex Lee (45,000) and Antonio Martins (50,000) are all
still in the running.

12:35am: Break
Players are now on their last 15-minute break of the day.

12:23am: Numbers Are In
Level 9 – Blinds 500/1000/100

The numbers are in and the pay-outs are now up on the tournament screen. This is officially the largest ever Baby Dragon with an impressive 602 runners – 27 more players than the September 2016 Baby Dragon.

The prize pool is over HK$4.2 million, easily surpassing the HK$2 million guarantee. Of the 210 remaining players only 72 will get paid with a min-cash good for HK$15,100.

However, all of the remaining field will have their eye on the lions share with first place worth a staggering $HK915,068 (~US$117,929). 

12:05am: Kuo Given Gift
Level 9 – Blinds 500/1000/100

MPC26_BabyDragon_Day1_040.jpgTaiwan’s Kitty Kuo
The casualties are coming thick and fast now with just 231 of our 602-strong field now remaining. One player who is doing their level best to add to this tally is Taiwan’s Kitty Kuo.

Sometimes the cards and chips just fall your way, which is exactly what has just happened for Kuo when a short stacked Zhe Liu moved all-in from the cut off.

China’s Shanfa Jin re-shoved from the button and while Mikal Blomlie folded out of the small blind Kuo woke up with a hand in the big blind and called fairly swiftly.

Zhe Liu: 6♣4♣
Shanfa Jin: A♠10♠
Kitty Kuo: A♦K♥

“That’s how you win at poker,” quipped an upbeat Kuo as the board ran out Q♠2♥7♠ 3♦8♣, “You wake up with a hand after two people move all-in.”

Kuo rises to over 35,000 after that timely catch while Liu headed for the rail. Jin was left crippled with a stack of just 1,800 and exited shortly afterwards.

11:45pm: Zhou Cracks Lin’s Aces, Defending Champ Lei Out
Level 8 – Blinds 400/800/100

The last time we walked past Celina Lin’s table the PokerStars Team Pro had aces and that trend continued as we arrived in time to see Lin and tablemate Jile Zhou embroiled in a heads-up pot on a flop reading K♥10♥5♦.

Zhou checked the action over to Lin who fired out a bet of 1,600 – which looked to be roughly half pot sized – and after thinking it over for 30-seconds or so a short stack Zhou made the call leaving himself just 4,000 behind.

This all went in on the Q♠ turn and Lin made the call to find out the bad news, her A♠A♥ had been cruelly out turned by Zhou’s A♦J♠. Zhou climbs to around 18,000 after that spot of good fortune while Lin takes a hit to fall to 22,000.

There will be no three-peat victory for Derx Lei as it appears the defending champion is no longer in the running meaning that the Baby Dragon will most definitely be having a new champion this time around.

11:30pm: Kings No Good For Kan
Level 8 – Blinds 400/800/100

Over half of the 601-strong field has fallen by the wayside after a little over five and half hours of play. One of these latest casualties is Malaysia’s Raiden Kan.

While we missed Kan’s bust out tablemate Alan Lau was kind enough to fill us in on the details. Sitting on just 3,200 (around 4 big blinds) Kan got all the chips in pre-flop with pocket kings versus the ace-nine suited of Hua Ming and the ace-high flop saw Ming take the pot and take out Kan. 

Ming is now up to 16,100 and tries to pad this out still further after moving all-in pre-flop from early position the following hand. Action folded around to Scott Davies in the big blind who asked for a count and looked briefly interested before deciding against it and made the fold. 

11:20pm: Deng Busts Two, Nanonoko Out
Level 8 – Blinds 400/800/100

With the start of level 8 the green 25-chips have been taken out of play as the blinds continue their inexorable rise. 

To mark the start of the new level China’s Chengbin Deng went on a bit of a heater, flopping quads versus an unfortunate tablemate before busting both Kunal Patni and Jien Jin Hung the very next hand after a three-way confrontation saw all the chips find their way into the middle pre-flop. We arrived just as the cards were turned over.

Chengbin Deng: [Ax][Kx]
Kunal Patni: A♠Q♦
Jien Jin Hung: J♠J♦

The board ran out 8♦9♣2♣9♥K♦ giving Deng the pot and he rises to over 60,000 while Patni and Hung both headed for the rail.

Another player whose Baby Dragon is now over is Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew, who was quite short before the previous break. While we are unsure of how it happened it is clear Lew is no longer in the running.

11pm: Davies In, Tran Out
Level 7 – Blinds 300/600/75
A quick scout of the room revealed 2014 WSOP Asia Pacific Main Event Champion Scott Davies in attendance. The US player looks to have got his Baby Dragon off to a great start and is sitting on just over 20,000.

Other notables in the field include former APOY Kitty Kuo (16,000) and Alan Lau (28,000), Malaysia’s Raiden Kan (9,500), Korea’s Steve Yea (50,000) and India’s Shavram Chhabria (30,000).

Norway’s Mikal Blomlie is climbing and is currently sitting on 35,000 and Portugal’s Antonio Martins is another who has been busy building and is sitting on roughly the same.

One player whose Baby Dragon dreams are over however, is Linh Tran who we saw heading towards the rail. 

10:40pm: Play Resumes in Record Breaking Field
Level 7 – Blinds 300/600/75

Action is now underway once more and with registration now closed the final numbers are in and it looks like a new record has been reached with 601 entries swelling the prize pool to an impressive HK$4.1 million.

 Who has what it takes to go the distance and tame the Baby Dragon? It is still far too early to tell with play concluding for the day at 2:30am local time. Watch this space and we’ll keep you up to date with the action as it happens.

10:25pm: Break Time and Stacks
Players are on their second 15-minute break of the day. We managed to get a few chip counts just before action paused.

PokerStars Pro Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew is in the running with 8,850 in chips while fellow PokerStars pro Celina Lin is sitting pretty on around 32,000. Singapore’s Alex Lee is doing decently with a stack of 47,000 or so.

Defending champion Derx Lei has 17,750 while reigning APOY Jack Wu looks a little short with 5,000.

PokerStars Live Macau regular Sam Cheong has 25,000, France’s Sebastian Clot has 21,000, New Zealand’s Thomas Ward has 15,000 and India’s Kunal Patni has 24,000.

10:10pm: Unlucky Number Seven
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400/50
Seven is supposed to be a lucky number, at least if you are superstitious. However, that is certainly not the case for China’s Jia Shen and Ying Li with both players making their exit holding pocket sevens.

Shen was the first casualty, moving all-in pre-flop for his last 4,600 with 7♠7♦ from middle position and finding a caller in the form of Hui Wang holding 9♣9♦.

Shen’s fate was sealed when the board ran out 5♣10♦J♠10♠9♥ and Wang climbed to 25,000 after scooping the pot.

Sevens were also no good for Ling Yi, who moved all-in over the top of a
Jing Sun early position raise with 7♠7♥. Sun made the call with 10♠10♦ and immediately spiked top set and improved to a full house when the board ran out 10♣K♠9♥K♦6♣. Sun climbed to over 27,000 while Yi headed for the exit.

9:30pm: River Rats Run Rampant
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300/25
MPC26_BabyDragon_Day1_035.jpgPokerstars Team Pro Celina Lin

Players are starting to get into the swing of things now with the average stack coming in at just over 12,000.

A player with a great deal more than this is PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin who hit the river hard against an unfortunate opponent.

We missed the pre-flop betting but caught the action in a three-way pot between Celina Lin, Hong Kong’s Bart Luyckx and Japan’s Takeomi Miyazawa.

Miyazawa checked the K♥6♣2♥ over to Lin, who looked to have been the pre-flop aggressor, and she led out for a bet of 800 into a pot of roughly 1,800. Luyckx made the call before Miyazawa check raised all-in for 4,775.

Lin did not take long to make the call and after Luyckx bowed out the cards were turned over.

Celina Lin: A♣A♦
Takeomi Miyazawa: 2♠2♦

Miyazawa may have been leading with a flopped set but was shot down in flames on the river when the A♠ hit to improve Lin’s pocket aces to a bigger set. Miyazawa headed for the rail while Lin climbed to 30,000.

Another player who likes the river is India’s Kunal Patni who has doubled his 10,000 starting stack after picking off a Kai Shi river bluff.

Patni opened the action with a raise to 750 from the hi-jack before Shi re-raised to 2,050 from the cut off. Action folded back around to Patni who made the call to take play heads-up to a 8♠6♦5♠ flop, which Patni checked over to Shi.

Needing no further prompting Shi c-bet 2,800. Patni thought it over briefly and made the call with the dealer burning and turning the 10♥ turn.

This brought checks from both players with Patni checking for a third time when the K♣ hit the river.

Shi looked over at Patni’s stack (which was around 9,000) before reaching for chips and deciding the right amount to bet was 5,800. Patni thought it over briefly before sliding in the call, his K♠Q♠ leading Shi’s A♠J♣ to grant to Indian player the pot and he climbed to 22,000 while Shi dropped to around 30,000.

9:10pm: Lee Busts Wu
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300/25
MPC26_BabyDragon_Day1_021.jpgSingapore’s Alex Lee

While the field continues to grow with late entries like Norway’s Mikal Blomlie still trickling in there have also been a number of early bust outs.

One of these came at the hands of Singapore’s Alex Lee, who opened the action with a raise to 750 from the hi-jack. Hong Kong’s Sam Wu re-raised to 2,100 from the cutoff with Lee making the call to take play heads-up to a 4♦5♣10♦ flop.

Lee checked the action over to Wu, who fired out a 2,800 c-bet, which Lee called to bring play to the 8♣ turn.

This brought another check from Lee and a very quick shove from Wu who moved all-in for what looked to be a little over 12,000.

Lee seemed taken aback at the shove and mulled over his options but eventually elected to call. This brought a table tap and a ‘good call’ from Wu, who turned over A♣J♣ for an over card and back door club flush draw while Lee showed down Q♥Q♦.

While the 4♠ river was a black card it was not the club Wu needed to survive and he headed for the rail while Lee climbs to over 45,000 in chips.

8:40pm: Defending Champ Takes Seat, Ace-high Good For Martins,
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200/25

Two-time defending Baby Dragon Champion Derx Lai has taken his seat after a third place finish in the $5,000 Megastack.

Lai is essentially free-rolling this event with the HK$131,870 he just won and will be looking to add to this with an historic third title defence.

Of course, Lai is not alone in wanting the title. The field has swelled to 570 players, 490 of whom remain in contention for title and the trophy.

One of these is Portugal’s Antonio Martins who has just taken down a pot from tablemate Chao Yang.

Pre-flop is was Yang who kick started the action with a raise to 450 from early position, only to see Martins come over the top with a re-raise to 1,050 from middle position.

That was enough to deter all but Yang, who made the call when the action folded around to take play heads-up to a 3♥2♦5♣.

That was it for the betting with both players checking the flop, the 6♠ turn and the 10♦ river. Yang rolled over K♠Q♦ but this was not enough to beat Martins’ A♠K♥ and the Portugese player climbed to 15,000. Yang still has plenty of chips however, sitting on a stack of roughly 17,500.

8:20pm: Wu Makes A Monster
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200/25

We are officially off the edge of the map here in Macau and there be dragons. There are also other monsters, but these have come in the form of a huge poker hand that played out between China’s Fan Wu and Jinwu Lin.

We missed all the action but came running after a huge roar echoed through the PokerStars LIVE Macau card room.

With the board reading A♣10♥9♠ A♦ A♥ Lin was on his feet and looking distinctly unhappy. Lin’s hand 9♣9♦ was face up in front of him and while he may have flopped a set and improved to a full house on the turn this was not enough to beat Fan Wu’s rivered beast of a hand.

Wu, holding A♠K♥, had hit the perfect river card to make quads and send the unfortunate Lin crashing out of the tournament.

8:05pm: Break

Level 4 – 100/200/25
All that action brings us to our first break of the day. Play will resume in 15 minutes.

8:00pm: Lobus Wins One, Lin Lets One Go
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200

Russia’s Artem Lobus is busy chipping up presently, although this looks to have come at the expense of tablemate Jia Shen.

We caught the action on the turn on a board reading Q♥J♦4♥ K♥ and over 2,000 already in the pot. Shen had led out for a bet of 1,050 from middle position and Lobus had made a huge re-raise, sliding out a towering stack of blue 1k chips with a couple of pink 500-chips thrown in for good measure for a bet totalling 12,000.

Shen did not look too thrilled at this turn of events and thought it over for several minutes but did eventually let it go. Shen has just under half of his 10,000 starting stack left and looks to have around 4,500 while Lobus has what looks to be 18,000 in front of him.

PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin is in the field but does not look to be enjoying the same start that Lobus has.

We arrived at Lin’s table just in time to see her open the action with an under-the-gun raise to 450. Action folded around to China’s Jile Zhou in the big blind who made the call to take the action heads-up to a flop of 7♦4♠7♥.

Zhou check called Lin’s 475 continuation bet before opening for 800 on the 6♠ turn. This was enough to get Lin to give it up and she folded leaving Zhou to collect the small pot.

7:40pm: Derx Lai In Final Three of Megastack

Level 3 – Blinds 100/200
The field is still growing as oppose to shrinking, and with late registration open until 10:20pm this trend looks set to continue for a while yet.

Two-time defending Baby Dragon champion Derx Lai is currently down to the final three players in the HK$5,000 Megastack final table which is running concurrently with the Baby Dragon so is a little too busy to take his seat in the latter. However, he assures us he is definitely going to be aiming for a three-peat, just as soon as he wins the Megastack…

7:30pm: Zhou Takes One Down
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200
High roller specialist Quan Zhou has got his tournament off to a decent start and his stack is currently moving in the right direction.

Pre-flop Zhou opened the action with a raise to 400 from middle position and picked up two callers in India’s Shiva Kapavarapu and China’s Kaiyun Zhu.

The flop fell a rather dry 2♦9♥7♠ but that did not seem to deter Zhou, who fired out a 525 bet. This was not enough to deter Kapavarapu or Zhu either, and both called to take the action three-way to the K♦ turn.

Zhou eyed up his opponent’s suspiciously and counted out a significantly larger bet of 1,550. This was enough to get it done and both Kapavarapu and Zhu gave it up leaving Zhou to rake in the pot and climb to around 12,000.

7:00pm Guarentee Smashed
Level 2 – Blinds 50/100
We are up to 497 players so far and are now in the process of seating alternates. Of course this means that the HK$2 million guarentee has been well and truely smashed and there is currently over HK$3.5 million in the prize pool. Players start with 10,000 chips and have 40-minutes levels to use them.

6:30pm: Notables
Level 1 – Blinds 25/50
The registration queue is a long one stretching the length of the poker room. Those players fortunate enough to already be seated include Dong Guo, reigning Asia Player of the Year Jack Wu, former APOY Pete Chen, Event #7 champion Anson Wong, Japan’s Maeda Azusa, Linh Tran, high roller specialist Quan Zhou, Portugal’s Antonio Martins, India’s Dhaval Mudgal and Raghav Bansal, Philippines Mike Takayama and John Tech, Malaysia’s Victor Chong, Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung and France’s Sebastian Clot to name but a few.

6:00pm: Cards are in the air

The time to shuffle up and deal is here and cards are now in the air. There are 327 runners so far and a huge queue of people still lining up to register so it could well be a full house here for the HK$8,000 Baby Dragon.
MPC26Trophy_001.jpg5:30pm: Baby Dragon Ready to Hatch
While it may well be the Year of the Rooster, this week it’s all about dragons. While the Red Dragon is currently still slumbering, at least until Sunday 12 February, its little brother the HK$8,000 Baby Dragon is awake and stoking the blast furnace.

We are a scant 30 minutes away from the action at the Macau Poker Cup 26 Baby Dragon. If past numbers are anything to go by it looks like the Baby Dragon is growing up fast and could well easily surpass its HK$2 million guarantee.

This time last year 346 runners anted up to try and tame the young dragon whelp, with Hong Kong’s Kwok Chun ‘Derx’ Lai emerging victorious for his first tournament career score for a very respectable HK$421,398 (~US$54,187) pay day.

Lai returned to successfully defend his title in September’s MPC26 seeing off challenges from an impressive 575 runners to take down the HK$522,770 (~US$67,390) first prize.

Will there be a three-peat? Anything is possible and Lai will be returning to defend his title for a third time so stay tuned to the PokerStars blog as Ben Wilson brings you all the tournament thrill and spills when action gets underway shortly.

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at MPC26: Ben Wilson. Photography by Long Guan. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog


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