Aussie Millions Day 5: Looking the part

February 09, 2014

So you’ve been playing in a $10k Main Event for the last four days and now you’ve made the final table. It’s a big stage. The media are swarming to learn more about you. They take photos. Ask questions. Suddenly you’re a big deal.

You take your seat. The lights are shining bright on the feature table and the TV cameras are rolling. Everyone is watching you. Not just those in the studio, but the millions around the world when this events hits the air waves.


With that all in mind, don’t you think it might be a good idea to look the part?

Have a shave? Style your hair? Wear a nice shirt? Perhaps?

It’s just a suggestion, but then again, these guys are poker players. They roll how they roll.

Looking around our Aussie Millions final table today we certainly have a variety of looks at the table. Let’s start with our chip leader Ami Barer. As chip leader, you know that Barer is going to get plenty of attention, but here he is, wearing a baggy t-shirt a few sizes too big with a v-neck that showcases a fine coat of chest hair. Casual to say the least. At least he just put on some cool sunglasses to jazz it up a bit.

Sorel Mizzi is also in the casual group. He’s wearing a hoodie and baseball cap like he’s ready to head to out to a football game once he’s done here.

Speaking of games, Darrin Rabinowitz is wearing an NFL jersey. I’m no NFL expert, but it looks like a Seahawks jersey, so at least he’s being inspired by a a team that just won the Super Bowl. That’s gotta be a good omen.

Vincent Rubianes is also wearing a casual T-shirt, but he’s classed it up a bit with a scarf around his neck. Perhaps it’s an image thing, or perhaps he’s trying not to give away some physical tells.

Stepping it up a gear is Jake Balsiger who has been wearing a high-collared jacket for most of the week. He’s looking pretty cool but not as cool as Andrew Phaedonos.

While the white dress shirt and sunglasses are slick, most of Phaedonos’ buttons are undone down his front. That might please the female fans, but can’t say it’s my preferred look. I hope for his sake there’s not a draft in here.

However the award for best dressed goes to Scott Seiver. He might be the short stack of the final table but at least he’s made an effort with his appearance. He’s wearing a blue dress shirt which looks clean and ironed, and he looks like he actually cares about the fact that he’s on a televised table. That get points in our book.

But in the end, should it really matter how you dress on a TV table? Is it better to look good or play good? Ultimately being comfortable while you play is probably more important than anything else that comes with your fifteen minutes of fame.


Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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