Aussie Millions Day 1C: Red Spades Down Under

February 04, 2014

“The security said you can’t stand there,” quipped Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu to his table as he casually flicked out a raise to 1,175 from the hijack.

“So I moved, but was still standing around there,” Negreanu added as the player in the big blind three-bet to 2,800. “Then he told me to move again because my food smelled bad.”

“I’ll pay the extra,” Negreanu said as he made the call and chuckled in regard to his security story.

The dealer spread out a 10♦6♦2♠ flop and Negreanu continued on with his story, seemingly giving the poker only half of his attention as only a seasoned pro could do.

“I said to him, I’m eating veggies and you think they smell bad?” Negreanu continued as his opponent led out for 6,600.

Now he paid a little more attention.


A vegan wink from Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu

“That’s going to be pretty much all my stack,” said Negreanu.

He quickly jammed the rest of his chips in the middle and his opponent called.

The player turned over A♣A♥, not in great shape against Negreanu’s 2♦2♣ for a flopped set of twos.

Negreanu continued to munch on his vegetables as gave a kind of gesture to his opponent that seemed to mean something along the lines of “Oh aces against a set, unlucky.”

The 10♣ turn was safe but the A♦ river meant Negreanu was eliminated.

“Man, sorry about the river Daniel,” the player said. “I was just thinking, god not like this and against Daniel too!”

As good spirited as ever, Negreanu made his way out of the tournament area, saying goodbye to fellow Team PokerStars Pro and tablemate Isaac Haxton as he did so.

Negreanu may not be too upset that he was eliminated considering he told the world that he “could easily live in Australia. Beautiful country, beautiful people, clean, so much to do, so much to see.”

While Negreanu will now have a bit of extra time to explore Australia, and surely prepare for the upcoming $100,000 Challenge and prepare $250,000 Challenge, some of his other fellow Team PokerStars Pros are still busy late here on Day 1c of the Aussie Millions Main Event.

The Team Pro who is probably doing the best is Raymond Wu. He was on Negreanu’s table before “Kid Poker” was eliminated and has run up a six-figure stack. Wu has more than $400,000 in live tournament results on his resume, but none of that has come in Australia.


Raymond Wu is doing the best of all the Team PokerStars Pros on Day 1c

To be honest there is almost a Team PokerStars Pro at every table at the moment. Jason Mercier is out there with around 65,000; Isaac Haxton is hovering just under the starting stack of 30,000; Angel Guillen is travelling nicely on 55,000; Celina Lin is somewhat struggling and Randy “nanonoko” Lew is steady with just over 30,000.

Of all the Team PokerStars Pros currently still alive heading into the final level of Day 1c of the Aussie Millions Main Event, it is perhaps Lew who is the hungriest for success. Compared to his fellow Team Pros, Lew, an online grinder, probably doesn’t play as many live tournaments, but by far his best result was in an APPT. He took down the 2009 APPT Macau Main Event for just under US$500,000. Now that the Aussie Millions is part of the APPT, Lew will be looking to add a second trophy to his collection.


Randy Lew could be the first Team PokerStars Pro to win two APPT titles

There is just around one level left in the day, with the total of field of 328 players whittled down to just over 200 players. Let’s see how many survive and how many of those survivors are Team PokerStars Pros!


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