Attention freeroll players: We’re adding thousands to New Prizepool Madness Freeroll this month. How much? That’s up to you…

March 18, 2019inNews

If you like freerolls then March on PokerStars is a month designed specifically for you…

It’s called the Prizepool Madness Freeroll. And while you might already know what a freeroll is, the madness part will take some explaining.

Because that’s where you come in.

This is no ordinary freeroll. Over the next 12 days you can help determine just how big the prizepool gets. Just by completing tasks along the way.

You’ll find these tasks across the PokerStars world. It could be from our Team Pros on Twitch, on Social Media, or on the PokerStars Blog.

If you help compete the task – whatever that might be -we’ll add more money to the prize pool.

Right now, that prizepool stands at $10,000. But it could be several times that figure before play starts at 16:00 ET on Sunday 31 March.


How you can boost the freeroll prizepool

Here’s an example of some of the ways you can help.

Each day between now and Sunday 31 March, we’ll post some sort of request. It might be something like asking for a re-tweet, answering a quiz question, making a prediction or even just clicking something.

If enough people take part, and meet the challenge criteria, we’ll add more money to the prizepool. We have money to add every day. So, make the most of it.

So, while that prizepool figure starts at $10,000 it could (with your help) reach several times that. It’s up to you.


How to get a freeroll ticket

The freeroll itself is not open to everyone. But we want to make sure only those who make the effort get to play. So, tickets to the freeroll will be awarded to players depositing $20 or more on PokerStars using the deposit code: BLOGMAD

You won’t need a penny of it to play this freeroll, but you’ll be free from opposition less scrupulous about putting in the effort than yourself.

You’ll find the freeroll in the Tournament Lobby: ID 2564195778

Make a deposit and we’ll credit you with a ticket to play on Sunday 31 March. But you can start to affect how much you’ll be playing for almost immediately.


How best to take advantage?


Keep an eye PokerStars over the next 12 days. You can do that on Twitter:


And you should keep an eye on the #PokerInTheEars hashtag as well. Because the Podcast team are in on this as well.

Every day they’ll be some way to help, with the first announced tomorrow.

And here’s a hint: Keep an eye on those twitter accounts to discover what’s in store.


Collect your entry ticket now

And remember: to play the freeroll all you need to do is make a deposit of $20 or more between now and Sunday 31 March.
Do that by using the Deposit Code: BLOGMAD, and you’ll be credited with a freeroll ticket.

The rest is literally up to you. Starting tomorrow you can help add thousands more to the prizepool. And have a little fun along the way.

Stay tuned to find out how.

And good luck!



Stephen Bartley

Stephen Bartley started reporting on EPT events in 2005, joining the PokerStars Blog during Season 4. Since then he has covered various live PokerStars events using irreverence and awkwardness to tell the stories that emerge from each tournament and ask questions of the characters that play them. He lives with his family in Whitstable, Kent.


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