As sure as eggs is Easter eggs… there’s a new throwable to collect from today

April 06, 2021inPoker

We’re adding a new Throwable to the mix today, all with an Easter theme.

Which might have given it away.

Yes, there’s an Easter Egg to start lobbing at opponents this week and getting your hands on one is easier than going to the store to buy an actual egg.

Just win 25 cash or zoom hands.

Okay, so not that easy. But do-able. And when you win that 25th hand you’ll have something that looks like this to celebrate with…

The new Easter Egg throwable… available this week

So over to you. You have until the end of Sunday to grab this one. Stay tuned for news of the next new Throwable next week.

And remember, if these things drive you to distraction, you can switch them off in the settings of your account. No one will ever know.


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