Congratulations Arlie Shaban. You have made it through Challenge 5 in the ’12 labors of Arlie’.

Last week we told you how the Poker Gods had tasked Arlie with “getting his sh*t together”. This meant a call with Team PokerStars Online’s Jaime Staples, who gave Arlie advice on how to improve his stream.

The challenge wasn’t just about the technical side of streaming though. It also involved Arlie improving his mindset when playing (for example, not letting a bad beat get to him).

As you can see, Arlie has been working hard to smile and brush off those beats:

Here’s another example:

Yesterday, during Staples’s deep run towards a third place finish in the Sunday Warm-Up (for $18K), Jaime declared the challenge passed.

Now we await Challenge no.6. Where you at, Poker Gods?


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