Arlie completes 7th Labor…goes to hospital

October 24, 2018

The old saying goes: “Mess with the bull and you get the horns.”

Arlie Shaban messed with the bull.

But only because the Poker Gods demanded it.

Whilst at Run It Up Reno, Shaban was given his seventh labor from the Poker Gods. They required him to capture the mythological Cretan Bull–father of the minotaur–just as Hercules had.

“One could say The Cretan Bull is responsible for “The Minotaur Effect” and “The Mythology Boom.” You remember that time your ancestors played the Minotaurmaker Tour? Good times,” the Gods wrote.

How did Arlie get on?

See for yourself.

Shaban would bruise his eye in the challenge, but it’s nothing a few days away from the Poker Gods won’t fix.

Good going Arlie.

They’re really making you earn that Platinum Pass!

Arlie takes the bull by the horns


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