APPT9 Seoul Day 2: Running good

April 11, 2015

The players at the tables here for Day 2 of the APPT9 Seoul event will no doubt be looking to run hot, but some players and staff have taken time this week to enjoy a different kind of running.

Seoul is a beautiful city, and what better way to see the sights than to get a good workout while you do it? At least that’s the mentality of APPT President Danny McDonagh. He put the call out for anyone who wanted to join him for some exercise outdoors.

“We run a big circle down the hill and around Olympic Bridge. It’s about a nine kilometre trip.” McDonagh said. “The course is mostly flat and takes about an hour.”


Olympic Bridge, Seoul

And it seems that maybe a good run could correlate with running good at the tables. One of the players who took part in the bridge run on Wednesday morning was KC Wong after qualifying for Day 2 of the APPT Seoul Warm-up event the day before. Wong went on to ship the whole event for KRW 17,100,000 ($15,650) to propel himself to fifth place in the Asia Player of the Year race.

McDonagh tried to get Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang involved but he insisted he couldn’t run. Huang did offer an alternative though and said he’d ride a bike next to McDonagh and the other runners as they made the trek.

Paradise Walkerhill Casino executive Mr Park was among the runners, and said he’d organise a bike so Huang could join them on the journey. When it came time to leave though, the runners were left waiting as Huang was nowhere to be found.

Running good.jpg

Where’s Bryan?

For those interested in some more indoor exercise, the Sheraton Hotel onsite here at Paradise Walkerhill Casino has everything you need. Their state of the art 435-square-meter facility has Life Fitness cardio and strength training equipment, and personal trainers. The gym is accessible 24 hours a day and complimentary for all hotel guests.

It’s back to the poker now here in Seoul. We’ll be following all the action in the Main Event here, and we’ll see if Huang’s failure to run off the felt affects his run at the tables today.


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