APPT9 Manila: Keeping Up with the Team PokerStars Pros

August 06, 2015

As the room fills up with players, it is quite a thrill to see some well-known pros sit at your table. Having the opportunity to test one’s skill and possibly even win a few pots against them makes the game that more exciting. Out there in the field, there are several Team PokerStars Pros battling it out at the felt, and having just checked up on them, here’s a quick status report.


Singaporean pro Bryan Huang is in a happy mood. Strolling in with a cool stride and ready for some action, he got just that and doubled up with a flush over flush situation. Huang came in second at the APPT Seoul last April and is currently ranked number one in the Singaporean All-Time money list. Last we spoke, he mentioned he aims to get in deep in as many big international tournaments as he can to raise his GPI ranking.

Kosei Ichinose from Japan is always very quiet yet very calculative. He sits with an average stack and has been conservative with his moves early in the game. He is seated with another well known player in the Asian circuit, Pete Yen Han Chan. Both of them will surely be mixing it up out there, hoping to grind out some chips and dominate the table.

From what we’ve seen, there is a high contingent of players from India here at the Main Event including top player Aditya Agarwal. Agarwal is being a given a bit of a challenge at his table, having lost a few pots and falling to below average. With a lot of time left and blinds still low, we should be seeing him getting back up and causing a stir at the felt.


China’s Queen of Poker, Celina Lin, has already amassed a big stack. Lin is sitting with around 65K chips. According to the reports, Lin scalped a player with a set that held up to the river and also got paid for a straight. With Lin holding a nice big lead at her table, it is surely going to be that much harder for anyone shave some off and catch up.

Another female Team PokerStars Pro in the field is Korean player Vivian Young-Shin Im. Im is well remembered by many players in the region after winning the APPT Cebu Main Event in 2010. She is sitting in a table with some very active players in the Asian circuit and is doing fairly steady with just a shy above starting stack.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress of our Team PokerStars Pros as Day 1a progresses!


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