APPT9 Manila: Falling to the wayside, 12 remain

August 09, 2015

Busting out of a big tournament when you’ve gotten quite deep always sends a bit of a stab to the heart. There’s that constant review of should I have done this or that but in the end, a bust is a bust and it will be your story at least until the next event.

Entering today with a fairly healthy amount of chips was Mital Chandihok from the United States. Chandihok delivered Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im her elimination yesterday when he cracked her kings on the river with a straight. As brutal as that may have been, Chandihok’s bust today will most likely be one that he will remember for some time as his attempt to bluff out Hayato Kitajima out of a hand resulted in sending himself spiraling down and eventually out.
With blinds high, more players fell to the wayside. Short-stacked Kazuhiro Shirasawa and Derrick Hernandez were no match against the active pocket threes of their respective opponents, and Mike Kim, who shoved when an ace showed up in his hand, was also denied a double up.

Then there are also those bust outs that you just resign to such as Asley Tay’s elimination at the hands of Romit Advani. Tay only had four times the blinds and Advani auto-called with any two cards. Despite having the better hand pre-flop, Tay fell to Advani’s 2-4 offsuit.

As for Korean player Seung Soo Jeon, he seemed to have been tanking and tilting for most of the day, and even more so when he doubled up Germany’s Iona Christopher Finkenrath. That hand sent Finkenrath zooming up to almost 1.8M chips while Jeon plunged downward to around 600K. Jeon was visibly frustrated as hi two-pair was bested by the Finkenrath’s nut flush. After that, Jeon lost another pot to Finkenrath and then another when he doubled up Aaron Lim. He seemed to be the bank at the table but running out of funds.

With only 38K behind, he moved all in and despite having aces, he was still eliminated by a 2-9 off suit straight.

We are down to 12 players. While that is ongoing, the room has filled up with two side events. The KO Bounty has picked up 195 players and the High Roller is coming along with 27 entries.


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