APPT9 Macau Day 4: Bang, bang, bang

May 31, 2015

Only an hour into today’s proceedings and already three have fallen by the wayside.

In an unexpected turn of events, despite the prevalence of shortstacks, the first casualty among our final seven was second in chips to start the day – China’s Weiyi Zhang.

FT - first out Zhang.jpg

Weiyi Zhang accepts his fate
It happened in a hand with the only man who could bust him, now monster chip leader Yat Wei Cheng. Zhang kicked off the action with a button raise to 65,000 before his opponent popped it to 190,000 to go.

Zhang then put in a four-bet to 550,000 before staring Cheng down.

Cheng didn’t falter though, refusing to shy away from a five-bet to 1,300,000 in chips. Zhang snapped all in over the top for a total of 2,520,000 and was called off instantly.

Zhang: A♦K♦
Cheng: K♥K♣

Zhang was chasing an ace to avoid elimination but the board didn’t cooperate. The cards fell 9♥6♠2♦4♣6♦ with Cheng’s pocket kings holding to knock Zhang out in seventh place for HK$310,280 (US$40,019)

Next to fall short of the APPT Main Event title was our sixth place finisher who found the exit in brutal fashion. China’s Fan Zhao moved all in for 460,000 after an under the gun open to 65,000 from Zhenru Xie, who called the jam to put his opponent at risk.

Zhao: K♦K♣
Xie: Q♠Q♣

Zhao had Xie crushed and the flop of 3♥K♥J♣ saw him hit top set to almost lock up the hand. The A♠ turn, however, brought a Broadway sweat, which the 10♣ river completed to see the sick run out ending Zhao’s title hopes. Zhao will have to be content with HK$381,000 (US$49,139) for his sixth place finish.

FT - second out Zhao.jpg

Fan Zhao shakes the hand of his assassin
And our most recent elimination went to Chun Liang Kuo after the wrong end of a flip saw overwhelming chip leader Cheng claim another victim.

Kuo opened the betting with an under the gun raise to 90,000 before Cheng put in a button raise to 240,000. After cutting his chips out Kuo then moved all in for his last 895,000 and was quickly called.

Kuo: 10♠10♥
Cheng: A♣Q♠

The flop of 8♣5♣5♠ was safe for Kuo but the A♥ peeled off on the turn to pair Cheng and dampen Kuo’s chances of survival. The 9♣ river couldn’t save him to see only four left on this final table. Kuo receives a payday of HK$490,000 (US$63,197) for his deep run.

FT - third out Kuo.jpg

Fifth place finisher Chun Liang Kuo
And now it’s back to the action. Cheng seems to almost have a lock on the tournament with a stack of 6,800,000 and the majority of chips in play. As we’ve seen all week though, anything can happen in tournament poker, so stay with us to see how the action unfolds and who will be crowned APPT Macau Main Event champion.


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