APPT9 Macau Day 3: The magnificent seven

May 30, 2015

Chants and applause. That was the scene here not long ago at PokerStars LIVE Macau. Both the rail and the final nine celebrated as the Main Event final table was set.

It wasn’t over then, however, as play was set to continue until only seven remained.

One of the few who wasn’t in good spirits was our final table bubble boy Huidong Gu. He was sent to the cashier to collect HK$185,300 (US$23,899) painfully close to making the final table.

FT bubble boy.jpg

Final table bubble boy Huidong Gu
He was eliminated at the hands of Weiyi Zhang. After Gu raised to 65,000 from under the gun, Zhang popped it up to 180,000 to go. Gu stuck around and they saw a flop of 10♣Q♠K♥. With a snap jam from Gu, Zhang went into the tank before finally making the call to put his opponent at risk.

Gu: A♦8♦
Zhang: J♠J♥

Gu’s chances were looking slim and after the 7♠ turn, the A♥ rivered to pair him up but complete Zhang’s Broadway straight.

Then a 40-minute dinner break began before players returned to see who the next two eliminations would be. It turned out the first would be seen only 10 minutes later.

Shen Ming Yin found the exit after getting his final 643,000 in chips into the middle with a preflop all in. It folded around to Zhenru Xie who pulled the same move, announcing all in for over 1 million in chips. With the rest of the table out of the way they tabled their cards.

Yin: 6♥6♠
Xie: 8♥8♦

Yin was chasing a six to stay alive but the run out of 4♣4♠K♣8♣J♦ couldn’t save him. Xie’s pair of eights held and he scooped the pot sending Yin to the rail in ninth for HK$218,000 (US$28,116).


Ninth place finisher Shen Ming Yin
Then down to eight we only needed one more elimination until chips were bagged up, and again we didn’t have to wait long.

The hand began with Weiyi Zhang raising to 52,000 before Cheng Ho made a quick move all in from the button for his final 388,000. Zhang didn’t take too long to call before they flipped their hands up.

Zhang: K♦Q♦
Ho: A♦J♠

Ho had got the money in good but the flop of Q♣K♣4♦ quickly crushed his chances. While he could’ve spiked a ten to make a straight, the 7♣and 5♥ rolled off to see Zhang’s flopped two-pair take down the pot. Ho’s eighth place finish meant a payday of HK$262,000 ($US33,791) and brought a close to the action for Day 3.

So now there are only seven left in the running, with this morning’s chip leader replaced by Hong Kong’s Yat Wai Cheng. He’ll start tomorrow as the chip boss with 2,833,000, just ahead of second place runner Weiyi Zhang on 2,721,000.

FT - Yat Wei Cheng.jpg

Yat Wai Cheng leads the final seven
Players in the High Roller are still battling away here at PokerStars LIVE Macau, but for the survivors of the penultimate day in the Main Event, they’ll have a chance to recharge tonight.

Play kicks off again tomorrow from 2pm local time as seven become one and we crown another APPT Main Event champion. Be sure to join us to see who can take down the HK$2,525,000 (US$325,667) top prize.

In the meantime you can check out the final table player profiles here and be sure to watch any videos you missed this week before we’re back tomorrow for the conclusion of the APPT9 Macau Main Event!

Final Table Draw and Chip Count
Seat 1: Chun Liang Kuo (China) – 467,000
Seat 2: Zhenru Xie (China) – 1,840,000
Seat 3: Weiyi Zhang (China) – 2,721,000
Seat 4: Yat Wai Cheng (Hong Kong) – 2,833,000
Seat 5: Fan Zhao (China) – 810,000
Seat 6: Weijie Ye (China) – 944,000
Seat 7: Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) – 249,000


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