APPT8 Macau Day 3: Moving up the Asia Player of the Year ranks

May 24, 2014

It’s getting to that point in the day when discussing the Asia Player of the Year becomes very relevant. Its big events like the APPT Macau Main Event, and the concurrently running High Roller side event, that really have the ability to change up the fabric of the leader board.

One player who has just scored some APOY (POY) points, though having made it to the final two tables probably less than he would have liked, was Hao Tian.

In the end Tian finished in equal 16th place with Xiongzhen Wu. For that result both players scored HK$91,000. In terms of APOY points though, Tian picked up enough to move from his pre-tournament position of 43rd on the leader board to nearing the top 25.

Tian won’t be the only player to shoot up the leader board following the APPT Macau Main Event as Christian Haggart is threatening to be the APOY leader. However, unlike Tian, Haggart’s APOY points are yet to be determined.

Right now, with 15 players remaining, Haggart is guaranteed to enter the top 20 on the leader board. If Haggart makes the final table he will burst into the top ten. If he finishes 5th place or better, then Haggart will explode into the top on the leader board and have a good chance at becoming the overall leader once all the dust is settled.

It’s all good and well to talk about Haggart having a chance to lead the APOY race, but it doesn’t mean too much if you don’t know what’s up for grabs and I can tell you, it’s more than just bragging rights.

Not only does the eventual Asia Player of the Year see their name immortalised with a permanent etching on the APOY trophy, they also receive a special one-year PokerStars LIVE Macau sponsorship. What this means is the player will be entered into certain events in Macau, depending on scheduling, and serve as a kind of ambassador for Macau poker.


The prestigious Asia Player of the Year trophy

Outside of the Main Event, and Haggart’s chances to finish high on the leader board, there is one player in the High Roller side event who has the ability to position themselves for a strong late-year run at the APOY title. That players is Kenny Wong.

Back in April Wong took down the ACOP Platinum Series IV Main Event and with that found himself 23rd on the APOY leader board. Any 5th place or better in the High Roller and Wong will move into the top ten on the leader board and a top two finish will likely see him reach the top spot.

Of course, where Wong ends up on the APOY leader board will also be dependent on what Haggart manages to do in the Main Event. You can keep track of Haggart’s progress, and all the other 14 players in the Main Event, in the live updates section on the APPT8 Macau page. You can also find the current APOY leader board on the PokerStars Macau website. There are just six more eliminations needed before we reach the final table, be sure to stay tuned!


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