APPT8 Macau Day 2: The vanishing act starring Team Pros

May 23, 2014

Three quickly became two.

Two quickly became one.

You guessed it…

One quickly became…


Working at the PokerStarsBlog, there is an obvious bias to the Team PokerStars Pros. So, with three of them still alive at the start of Day 2, I thought there was a good chance that one of them would be able to manage a deep run.

How wrong I was.

Look, none of the three Team PokerStars Pros had big stacks heading into the day. They all had around 30 big blinds or under and so they were always going to be at least a little up against it.

Still, I didn’t think all three would be eliminated in the first hour of play.

That’s poker.

The first Team Pro to be eliminated was Bryan Huang.

He wandered over to the media desk, head slouched, and said, “Out already.”

It was the classic bad beat story – running kings into the ‘ole aces.

Huang had apparently opened to 2,300 from under the gun plus one, which received two callers before the big blind three-bet to 7,400. Back on Huang and he moved all in for 30,000. The big blind called, Huang saw the rockets, found no help on the board and was eliminated.


As you can see, Bryan Huang was much happier when he had chips

Celina Lin was next to go and her story was a little different.

She flat called an under-the-gun open preflop with pocket tens and then called a continuation bet on a Q-8-3 flop with two clubs. The turn was a repeat queen and this time when Lin’s opponent bet, Lin moved all in for around 40,000. The player called and turned over K-Q and with no help on the river, Lin was sent home.

So now we were left with one – just Raymond Wu.

He had started the day on Lin’s table, directly next to her, and we thought odds suggested he would last longer than the other two. Not sure what sort of calculator those odds could be worked out on, but you know, surely one of the three Team PokerStars players would last longer than the first hour.


Wu was down to just under 10,000 in chips when he got it all in with K♦9♦. Wu was up against pocket fours and a board full of low bricks meant that Wu would have to join his fellow pros on the rail.


Celina Lin and Raymond Wu when they happily sat next to each other

Huang’s tweet after he found out all three Team PokerStars Pros had been eliminated says it all:

So that is that. No more Team PokerStars Pros in the APPT8 Macau Main Event. There are still around 170 other players still in contention though, so check out the live reports at the top of APPT8 Macau page to find out what some of them are up to!


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