APPT8 Macau Day 2: Packed PokerStars LIVE for side event fun

May 23, 2014

One by one players are hitting the rail on Day 2 of the APPT8 Main Event. Of course, that is expected. That’s just poker. So with all these eliminations, today’s starting field of 206 players has been whittled down to 100. That means there are now just 12 tables in action.

However, the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams poker room is getting fuller and fuller. It’s packed to the brim with at least 300 players and probably closer to 350. This is all because of the immense popularity of the side events here at APPT8 Macau.

The reason there are so many players in the room at the moment is the HK$3,000 Turbo Holdem event. There are just over 150 entrants in this tournament with registration still open. This same event at last year’s APPT Macau had 127 total players, so that’s a big increase.

It’s been the same story in all the side events so far this week, with every single tournament seeing a field increase of at least 15% and up to 35%. There is no doubt that tournament poker continues to grow in popularity in this side of the world.

The largest field increase on last year’s side events were definitely the HK$5,000 Knockout Holdem and the HK$9,000 NLHE Six-Max. The knockout event had a field of 157 players last year and just a few days ago hosted a field of 212 (35% increase). The six-max hosted a field of 125 last year and this year was up to 168 (34.4% increase).

It is very likely that this trend of increases will continue throughout the rest of the week as there are still four more side events on the APPT8 schedule. One of those side events kicks off tonight at 9:00pm. It’s a HK$15,000 (~US$2,000) Three-Day No Limit Holdem. There is plenty of interest in this tournament and it is very likely last year’s field of 139 will be bettered. Especially considering more and more players who bust out of the Main Event will likely jump in for more action.

A couple of very familiar faces won the latest side event which was held last night. It was, of course, a Teams Event and Jimmy Pan and Aaron Lim came away with the victory. Pan finished as the runner-up in the APPT Macau Main Event when PokerStars Team Online Randy Lew won, while Aaron Lim has taken down the APPT Seoul Main Event. They overcame a field of 53 teams to win the HK$61,000 top prize.


These two usually play bigger games, but still look happy to win a title

I’m sure that all of the players who have been eliminated on Day 2 of the APPT8 Macau Main Event will be hoping to, like Pan and Lim, find some success in the side events. There are big fields and big prize money to be won! You can check out the remainder of the side event schedule on the APPT website.

In the meantime though, be sure to keep your eyes locked on the live reports at the top of the APPT8 Macau page as we continue to move ever-closer to the 60 money-paying positions. Some of the players with plenty of chips who look good to be there once we get to the bubble include Xue Qian Wu, Peter Chan and Hoa Tian.


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