APPT10 Seoul: Pass the trophy to Albert Paik

June 27, 2016

Congratulations to Albert Paik!

Champion of the APPT10 Seoul Main Event. For his impressive victory this week Paik collects ₩119,097,600 (~$101,000) (including a HK$100,000 ACOP Main Event seat), the coveted APPT trophy and he etches his name in Asia poker history.

APPTSeoul2016 albert paik champion.jpg

Paik overcame a tough field of 157 here in Seoul, but before he was named champion he had to overcome Shenghua Qian in a tense heads up battle. Starting that match as a 2:1 chip underdog, he fought his way back to emerge victorious.

In the end it all came down to a huge flip when Paik and Qian were almost dead even in chips. Paik opened to 60,000 on the button before Qian played back at him for 130,000. Then came the four-bet jam from Paik for 1,571,000, and after some deliberation, Qian called it off with almost an identical stack.

Paik: 8♠8♣
Qian: A♣Q♠

The flop landed 7♠5♠6♦ and Paik jumped with excitement – not only fading an ace or queen but also picking up a straight draw. The 7♣ turn and 6♥ river were also safe and as Paik had Qian covered, the APPT Seoul Main Event was done and dusted.

APPTSeoul2016 heads up.jpg

Before that heads up match we started proceedings with seven players in contention.

It took less than 10 minutes for the first of those to be eliminated. Canada’s Windsor Nguyen started the day with only eight big blinds and couldn’t run it up. He met his demise after running 3♥3♦ into the Q♣Q♦ of Shenghua Qian. The board ran out 5♣4♣K♠K♦7♥ with Nguyen failing to improve and finishing in 7th place.


Satsuki Ochiai was next to go, also hitting the rail in the first level of the day. It was a flip against Michael Egan that ended his tournament run. Ochiai held A♠K♣ but wouldn’t find the help he needed against 10♣10♦ when the community cards landed 2♥9♦2♠2♣7♠. Ochiai was out in 6th place for ₩23,455,000.

Australia’s Michael Egan left us in 5th place. He had been nursing a short stack and ultimately ran 10♥10♦ into Shenghua Qian’s K♠K♣. Egan couldn’t catch a lucky break and was sent packing when the 7♥6♠Q♥A♦9♠ board came down. He collected ₩28,554,000 for his impressive showing this week.

APPTSeoul2016 Michael Egan elimination.jpg

Next to go was Ken Hirosawa. He moved all in from the small blind holding Q♦8♠ but found himself dominated when Shengua Qian called from the big blind with K♠Q♠. The cards fell 7♠2♠10♦A♠K♣ with Qian turning the nuts and sealing Hirosawa’s fate.

Tetsuro Tomita took home the third place prize. He pushed the last of his chips in from the small blind with Q♣8♥ and Paik decided on a call holding A♦5♣. Tomita had live cards but he bricked on the 4♠5♥10♦3♣J♣ run out to be sent home one shy of the heads up match.

APPT Seoul Main Event Final Table Payouts
1st: Albert Paik (USA) – ₩119,097,600 (~$101,000)
2nd: Shenghua Qian (China) – ₩69,346,000 (~$58,000)
3rd: Tetsuro Tomita (Japan) – ₩44,871,000 (~$38,000)
4th: Ken Hirosawa (Japan) – ₩34,673,000 (~$29,400)
5th: Michael Egan (Australia) – ₩28,554,000 (~$24,200)
6th: Satsuki Ochiai (Japan) – ₩23,455,000 (~$19,900)
7th: Windsor Nguyen (Canada) – ₩19,736,000 (~$17,600)

Well played to Albert Paik and thanks to the Paradise Walkerhill Casino for hosting another spectacular tournament. The next stop on the APPT is Manila from July 28 – August 8. We hope you can join us again then!


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