APPT10 Macau: Heading for a century?

May 24, 2016


Thomas Ward: Among early big stacks

There’s still just over 90 minutes left to register for the HKD$50,000 freezeout event at APPT Macau, and tournament officials are sweating the prospect of a three-figure field.

At present–just entering Level 8–there are 97 players on the list, of whom 82 are still involved. Three more and we’re at the century, while a late night on this opening day is already guaranteed.

Some of the big names have already fallen. There’s no sign of Bryan Huang, while Daniel Laidlaw is among the most recent departures. The Australian shipped his final 11 blinds from under the gun–11,000 in the 500-1,000 level–with A♣Q♥ but must have been dismayed to see Canno Junsheng Lim re-shove for 53,000 one seat to his left.

Lim had A♦K♣ and it stayed the best hand through a board of 2♦10♣8♥2♥5♥.

Everyone else folded after Lim moved in, but there were at least two players at the table who might have called and still remained healthy in this tournament. New Zealand’s Tom Ward–second in last year’s ACOP main event–has at least 100,000 at this stage, while Kun Wang has about 110,000.

A quick scoot around the room located big stacks in front of the following:

Dong Guo — 165,000
Zhen Xing Ke — 155,000
Matthew Moss — 130,000

The APPT Macau main event starts Wednesday, May 25 at PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams. Full details are available on the official APPT website or via the PokerStars Macau page.


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