APPT T.O.C: Down to five as the dinner bell sounds

December 17, 2007

By Sean Callander

The honour of being crowned the first APPT Tournament of Champions winner will be decided among Team PokerStars Pros Joe Hachem and Greg Raymer, APPT Manila winner Brett Parise, APPT Grand Final champion Grant Levy and PokerStars player Scotty Nguyen.

Two of the APPT’s season one winners, Ziv Bachar (Seoul) and Eric Assadourian (Macau High Roller champion), were eliminated just before the dinner break.


Ziv Bachar champion APPt Seoul

Eric Assadourian

Short-stacked, Bachar pushed all-in from late position and Raymer moved over the top, also for his entire stack. The race pitted Bachar’s pocket sevens against Raymer’s Ad Kh. The Israeli stayed in front on the flop of 5c 6s Jd, but Raymer hit a king on the turn to scoop the pot.

Assadourian, the popular pick of the locals to take out this tournament, then followed soon after when he again butted heads with Hachem.

On a flop of Kc 6h 7c, the money eventually made its way into the middle with Hachem showing Jc 6c and Assadourian 8c 9c. The 10c on the turn gave both players a flush, and a straight flush draw, but Hachem had Assadourian outpointed either way.

Players have just returned from dinner (Scotty Nguyen decided to join the TV crew for a spot of camera work). Blinds will be at 3000/6000.

Latest chip count:

  • Grant Levy 109,000
  • Greg Raymer 73,500
  • Scotty Nguyen 167,000
  • Brett Parise 187,000
  • Joe Hachem 363,500

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