APPT Sydney: Wisdom deserts wise on bubble

December 15, 2007

By Sean Callander

The bubble has broken in the APPT Grand Final. Outside, it’s a typically sunny and warm Sydney summer afternoon while inside Star City Casino, the poker area has been at boiling point as players sweated down the minutes and places until they were assured a minimum payout of $8000.

It took less than four hours for the field to be slashed from 116 to 56, but hard-for-hand dragged on for almost 30 minutes until Karib karib busted out Sydney’s own Steve Wise on the final hand before the second break of the day.

APPT Sydney 2007: Day Two

Another 47 players have to culled from the field until the field for tomorrow’s final table is locked in.

The period prior to the bubble is often fascinating to watch as the pros go after what they perceive as easy chips while the amateurs and qualifiers desperate to finish in the money fold even the strongest hands.

One such player who made the most of the opportunity to replenish his stack was PokerStars player Terrence Chan. As hand-to-hand play commenced, Chan went on a frenzy raising pot after pot after pot to kangaroo hop back over 100,000. Patrick Fletcher was another of the few players brave enough to regularly enter pots.

One player who didn’t need to worry chipping up during the bubble period was Kenny Ng, a young Sydney player who’s made a real mark on the local scene over recent months.

A regular on the burgeoning tournament scene throughout Sydney, Kenny Ng finished a career best second in the PokerNews Cup two months ago against a field of 428 runners. He captured just over $200,000.

By the way, we’ve been asked several times in the past few days how is it possible for players around Sydney to play in cash-entry sit ‘n’ goes and tournaments. The answer lies in an unusual New South Wales’ State Government ruling made in March 2006 which permits licensed hotels and clubs to conduct such events (and allows cash prizes). NSW is the only state in Australia where such games are permitted.

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