APPT Sydney T.O.C: Last Hour Level

December 17, 2007

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Introduction to the Tournament of Champions

The price of poker has gone up in the 2007 APPT Tournament of Champions in Sydney, and we’ve reached the final “1-hour” blind level. The blinds are now at 1000/2000, and all future blind levels will reduce to a half hour duration, and the action is sure to heat up! Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem has maintained the chip lead courtesy of his early double-up, and plenty of raising. Greg Raymer and Grant Levy have both also been very active, and Levy has made a nice charge considering he earlier laid down the best hand, and should have tripled up!

APPT Tournament of Champions Chip Counts:

  • Joe Hachem 198.5k
  • Grant Levy 173k
  • Greg Raymer 167.5k
  • Eric Assadourian 131k
  • Brett Parise 85.5k
  • Scotty Nguyen 78k
  • Ziv Bacher 66.5k
  • Isabelle Mercier OUT (8th)
  • Chris Moneymaker OUT (9th)


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