APPT Sydney: Suzy holding up the Khouiss tradition

December 14, 2007

By Sean Callander

Liz Lieu was the first female player two grace two final tables at a APPT event last month in Macau. This weekend, Trudie Sultana, Tiffany Williamson, Helen Davis and Vera Milinkovic are well placed to join Mz.Liz in the ranks.

Lily Bui was hoping to be with them in tomorrow’s Day 2 action in the APPT Grand Final but was just eliminated when she pushed pre-flop with Ah Kh against her opponent’s pocket sevens. However, the board passed her by and Lily was eliminated just outside the top 70 for the day.

Suzy Khouiss is still in the hunt though. The sister of well-known Sydney players Sam and Kevin Khouiss, she has nursed a short stack for much of the day and elected to make her move early in level 10 with pocket jacks.

Despite being in bad shape up against pocket queens, Suzy Khouiss was delighted to see a flop of 9h 5s 6s 7h 8c, meaning the straight on the board played.


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