APPT Sydney: Scotty shows how it’s done

December 15, 2007

By Sean Callander

We’re used to seeing great players doing amazing things with weak starting hands, but they’re even more dangerous when reading an opponent’s strength.

Scotty Nguyen just found himself in an ideal situation against Michael Pedley – in the cut-off, the PokerStars player popped it up to 22,000 and Pedley called from the button.

The flop came 9s 7c 3c and the play went check-check. The turn was Kh, Scotty checked and Pedley pushed in 30,000. In a classic “weak is strong” play, Nguyen looked as if he was about much when he reached for chips to popped it up an extra 70,000. Pedley said “all-in” for 180,000, Scotty called and showed pocket aces. Pedley hung his head as he showed A K. “The Prince” earned plenty of encouragement from the railbirds as he scooped the pot. Pedley was eliminated in 40th.

In contrast, day 1C chip leader Michael Guttman has been crippled by Lei He. The flop comes Js 3c 2d, Guttman pushed with sevens but Lei he showed aces. An extra ace on the turn confirmed Guttman’s ‘sticky’ predicament.


And Karib Karib has just KOed Colin Evans in dramatic fashion, when he flopped quad eights and sending Evans out in 38th spot. Other players to have bowed out of the PokerStars APPT Grand Final in the past 30 minutes have been Rikki Papesch (36th), Henrik Lundstrom (37th), and Darren Rispin (39th).

Approximate chip count (dinner break, day 2)

  • Henrik Gwinner 625,000
  • Gary Diamond 570,000
  • Alexander Estrellado 500,000
  • Scotty Nguyen 470,000
  • Mitchell Price 420,000
  • Carter Gill 410,000
  • Grant Levy 410,000
  • Sol Bergren 400,000
  • Trong Son Dao 390,000
  • Terrence Chan 360,000

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