APPT Sydney: Scotty Scoops a Monster

December 15, 2007

By Sean Callander

“Music to my ears baby, all-in, all-in, I just love it baby.” One guess who just made that comment as he KOed two players in one hand. Scotty Nguyen is on the move in the early part of day 2 in the APPT Grand Final.

The 1998 world champ’s read proved impeccable after David St Eloi and John Butler had pushed all-in with pocket fives and pocket 10s respectively. Scotty rolled over pocket kings, and both all-in players failed to improve.

The board came As 7h 7c 4h Jd and Scotty’s kings held firm to take down the massive pot worth just over 400,000 in chips, consolidating his spot among the chip leaders.

APPT Sydney: Scotty Nguyen

Just seconds later at an adjacent table, Henrik Gwinner’s A K eliminated Australian-based American Tony “Bond18” Dunst, whose pocket queens were busted when a king landed on the flop.

Day 1 chip leaders rarely go on and have a major say in tournaments of this size, but Gwinner hasn’t put a foot wrong so far today and continues to soar ahead of the field with close to half a million in his stack.

The first break is about 20 minutes away, with blinds currently at 1500/3000 with a 500 ante. We’ve been losing players at the rate of one every three minutes so far today – 32 players have been eliminated in the first 100 minutes!


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