APPT Sydney: Qualifiers comfortable

December 13, 2007

Only one level remains on Day 1B with the blinds at 1000/2000 (300 ante).

51 players are left with the average stack at 73k. Team PokerStars’ Lee Nelson goes into the final round with 90k in chips. Scotty Nguyen had a bumpy level and took a beat, but still has 120k in chips.

PokerStars online qualifiers Paren Arzoomanian and Francisicus Dekkers have held very solid in the later rounds (on Nelson and Nguyen’s tables), with 135k and 100k respectively.

Alison Lightman spoke with both Paren and Francisicus earlier today, as they fought out the chip lead.

Henrik Gwinner looks very confident and is the current chip leader with 280k.

Henrik Gwinner

Dominant chip leader Henrik Gwinner


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