APPT Sydney: Potter weaves some magic

December 13, 2007

“All in” has been the catchcry from the tournament floor as players resumed for level 9 with the blinds at 500/1000 (100 ante). The field is gradually diminishing, with 81 runners left and many players finding their hand forced at this big blind level.

Lee Nelson and James Potter have found themselves in the blinds at an eight-handed table, as we await for one more elimination and subsequent table break.

In a hand folded to their blinds, Nelson (SB) and Potter (BB) engaged in a battle of wits, with neither keen to relinquish their status at the table.

James Potter

James Potter

The flop came: 2s 10c 4s, Nelson checked and Potter bet 3k. Nelson called. The turn was a Kd and both players checked.

The board paired on the river with a 10h. This time Nelson out with a bet of 3000. Potter didn’t hesitate to bump it up practically the minimum, to 7000.

Lee Nelson folded instantly, as Potter showed 7 2 offsuit for a bottom pair of deuces, to Nelson’s dismay.

The 2005 Victorian poker champion has doubled up in the past few minutes with pockets queens against pocket jacks. Looking immaculate in a borrowed pair of sunglasses, the Melbourne player is on the charge.


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