APPT Sydney :Play has commenced in Level 4 with the blinds at 150/300/25.

December 13, 2007

PokerStars’ Japanese High Stakes player Masa Kagawa is nursing a short stack, with 9k in chips, as online qualifier Francisisicus Dekkers maintains his position as the early chip leader with 63k.

Masa Kagawa
Masa Kagawa Short-Stacked

Day 1b Approximate Chip Counts:

  • Francisisicus Dekkers 63k ( Online Qualifier)
  • Kenny Ng 50k
  • Leo Boxell 36k
  • Van Marcus 32k
  • Julius Coleman 31k
  • Brett Parise 28k (APPT Manila Champion)
  • Scotty Nguyen 23k
  • Lee Nelson 20k (Team PokerStars Pro)
  • Jozeph Berec 15k (APPT Seoul Runner-Up)
  • Jeff Lissandro 12k
  • Masa Kagawa 9k
  • Dennis Waterman 4.5k


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