APPT Sydney: Locals in the hunt

December 14, 2007

No Australian player has ever won $1 million in an Australian poker tournament, but many are making their charge today!

Australians are currently filling the top of the leaderboard with Aleks Lackovic (80k) and Gary Benson (66k) both doubling up recently. Colin Ford is next in chips with 65k.

Emad Tahtouh

PokerStars player Emad Tahtouh

Emad Tahtouh has improved this level to 39k in chips, despite his frustration at a recent missed opportunity in a huge three-way pot, where he would have hit the nut straight on the river.

Instead, Aleks Lackovic raked in the pot and has taken the chip lead after eliminating the third opponent with a set of eights.

The current blind level is at 250/500 with 118 players left on Day 1C.


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