APPT Sydney: Lisandro eliminated

December 13, 2007

Australian professional Jeff Lisandro has been eliminated after a
crippling hand holding only K3 offsuit. Lisandro flopped top pair on
a king rag board, and further improved his hand to have an open-ended
straight on the turn. All to no avail on the river and Lisandro was
crippled against a player holding A K.

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Jeff Lisandro eliminated

Only a matter of hands later, the WSOP bracelet winner Lisandro
tossed in his final 1500 in chips with Ace-Deuce, running into the
blinds and a player with pocket 6s. The 6s held and Lisandro is
We are now at the halfway mark (Level 6) with the blinds at 250/500
(50 ante) with 130 runners remaining.


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