APPT Sydney: Former Chip Leaders Continue To Crumble

December 15, 2007

Heath Cram

The exodus of players has continued after the dinner break, as former big stacks Carter Gill and PokerStars player Terrence Chan were eliminated.

On a flop of Ah Tc 9d, Chan led out with a bet of 45k into Australian player Julius Coleman. Both players had similar chip stacks, as Coleman re-raised a further 100k, enough to decide Terrence Chan’s tournament life.

Chan went into the tank and assessed his chip position before calling the raise. Both players rolled over their hands, with Coleman dominating Chan, who was left to rely on backdoor outs.

Chan: Ad 8c

Coleman: As Qc

The turn was a 4 of diamonds and no help to Chan and the river was a King of spades to end the one-time tournament hopeful’s evening.

Julius Coleman has edged closer to his dream of a second final table on home soil. Coleman finished 4th in the 2007 Aussie Millions and until now is still the highest ever prizemoney winner in a single tournament in Australia, winning $400,000. Australians will be looking to eclipse that feat here with a victory (or second placing) in the APPT Grand Final and prize of $1 million for first and over $600,000 for second.

APPT Sydney 2007: Carter Gill
APPT Sydney 2007: Carter Gill

Elsewhere another former big stack has bitten the dust. Carter Gill committed his short stack in the dark, under the gun, and received a call from the last remaining female player, local Suzy Khouiss. Carter revealed his 6-high and was eliminated, with Kouiss’ supporters making a stir as she went to over 100k in chips. Suzy with presently one of the biggest support bases on the rail!

24 players are left in the event.

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