APPT Sydney: Dinner break update, day 2

December 15, 2007

By Sean Callander

You’d have thought by now that the pace of eliminations may have slowed up but the skip up to 5000/10,000 with a 1000 ante has simply put more pressure on the short stacks.

Just 31 players remain from the 116 who took their seats at the start of play on day 2 in the APPT Grand Final.

The elimination of Jason Lien (33rd), James Kilorjian (34th) and Michael Guttman (35th), the field has been redrawn into four tables of eight.

Eng Phengsavanh became the first player to bow out after the redraw, earning $14,963 for 32nd place.

In the final minutes before players took their dinner break, the two big stacks heading into day 2 – Henrik Gwinner and Davoud Khajeh butted heads.

On a flop of 7h 8c 9h, Khajeh bet 40,000, Gwinner pushed it up to 150,000, which was enough to put Khajeh all-in. He made the call with Jc 7c, but Gwinner had a stack of outs with Ad 10c. However, Khajeh’s pair of sevens held firm to inflict a rare dent in the wall of chips in front of Gwinner.

Players still chasing a spot at the final table include Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson, PokerStars players Scotty Nguyen (up to 500,000 in chips), Guillaume Patry and Terrence Chan, 2003 Aussie Millions runner-up Leo Boxell and APPT Seoul runner-up Sid Kim.

APPT Sydney: Sid Kim

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