APPT Sydney Day 3: Levels 21 & 22 (blinds 12000-24000, ante 3000)

December 11, 2010

10:05pm: Reza Vakili eliminated in 10th place; Our final table is set!

After losing the previous pot, Reza Vakili was down to his last 332,000 which he moved in preflop from under the gun. Roland de Wolfe quickly called next to speak and the table folded around.

Vakili tabled Q♠J♦ and de Wolfe had one of the worst hands that Vakili could see as he tabled Q♥Q♦.

Surely, this would be it? The flop landed 10♣10♦8♥ and the table cringed as Vakili picked up straight outs. He’d need a nine to survive but it wasn’t to be on the 3♦ turn or 6♣ river.

With that elimination, our final table of nine is now set and it’s a beauty with Roland de Wolfe leading the way and the likes of Jonathan Karamalikis, Eddy Sabat and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu all still in contention.

We’ll have confirmation of the chip counts and the redraw, along with a wrap of today’s action for you shortly.


9:55pm: Oh, mon dieu!

Hand-for-hand play for the 2010 APPT Grand Final is still going here at the Star City Casino in Sydney after Manuel Hansimikali managed to double through French PokerStars Qualifier Antoine Amourette.

Hansimikali raised from early position before Amourette reraised to 210,000 before the others got out of the way. Hansimikali snap-shoved for 322,000, Amourette called and Hansimikali tabled A♥K♠ and was flipping for his tournament life against Amourette’s 9♠9♦.

Neither hand improved on the flop of 5♠Q♣4♦ or the turn of the 10♦, but Hansimikali was in the favour of the poker gods once again, because the dealer snapped up the A♠ on the river! It was merely a small chink in the armour for Amourette who is still on more than 1.6 million chips, while Hansimikali is up to more than 600,000.

9:50pm: Level up, blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000

9:40pm: Hansimikali is hurting

Manuel Hansimikali has been crushed back down to 320,000 after Australian PokerStars Qualifier Ben McLean caught lightning in a bottle in another dramatic hand on the feature table.

Tom Rafferty raised to 42,000 from early position before Hansimikali reraised to 100,000. McLean was quick to shove his last 260,000 into the middle. Rafferty quickly mucked and the cards were tabled:

Hansimikali: Q♠Q♦
McLean: J♠J♥

The crowd was on its feet in anticipation, but a loud groan went up when the dealer spread the flop of 10♦J♣4♣. Hansimikali looked sick and could only watch as the turn and river ran out 3♥, 2♠ before the tournament staff cut the chips out and shipped the stacks over to McLean, who is back up to 565,000 in chips.


A remarkable double up for Ben McLean keeps him alive in the APPT Sydney Grand Final

9:35pm: Yet another double for Sabat

Roland de Wolfe has been the most active player at the table and he opened once again with a raise to 50,000. Jonathan Karamalikis and Peco Stojanovski both called before Eddy Sabat moved all in for an additional 313,000 from the small blind.

De Wolfe quickly folded but Karamalikis made the call as Stojanovski stepped aside. It was Karamalikis’ A♦10♦ up against the dominant A♣J♦ of Sabat.

The flop was a scary one for Sabat as it landed Q♠8♦3♦ to give Karamalikis a flush draw, but the 2♠ turn and J♣ river completed the board to the roars of the American contingent on the rail. Sabat more-than-doubles to 850,000 as Karamalikis drops down to 960,000.

9.15pm: Hansimikali cleans up McLean

Manuel Hansimikali had been struggling at this feature table, but has just scored a much-needed double-up through Australian PokerStars Qualifier Ben McLean to move up to 584,000.

The action folded around to McLean who raised to 100,000 from late position before Hansimikali shoved from the blinds for 277,000. McLean called, revealing A♥9♥ but was in a world of hurt against Hansimikali’s Q♥Q♣. The board was spread 4♠9♣8♦10♥10♣, leaving McLean with less than 140,000.

McLean then managed to double up in the very next hand; Antoine Amourette open-shoved from the small blind preflop with Q♥3♦ and McLean pushed the last of his chips in with K♣9♠. The dealer spread a A♥9♦7♦7♠10♦ board and McLean is still alive with just over 300,000 in chips.

9:05pm: Play resumes

8:55pm: Ten-minute break

8:50pm: Big call for Sabat

In a limped pot, three players took a monotone flop of A♠6♠10♠. Action checked to Peco Stojanovski who fired 25,000 with just Eddy Sabat making the call to see the 8♠ hit the turn. Both players checked and the Q♣ hit the river. Sabat checked and Stojanovski bet 85,000.

Sabat deliberated for several minutes before making a big call. It was the right one as Sabat’s A♣2♥ was too good for Stojanovski’s 9♣6♣. Sabat is back up to 440,000.

8:45pm: de Wolfe doubles up to a cool mil

It seemed like it was a matter of time before Reza Vakili’s wild play caught up with him. He still has chips but he’s just taken a big hit after doubling up Roland de Wolfe.

Vakili opened to 50,000 and de Wolfe made the call to see a flop of A♦8♦A♠. Vakili’s flop bet of 80,000 was called before both players checked the K♣ turn. When the 6♣ hit the river Valiki moved all in, only to find de Wolfe snap-call for his tournament life. Vakili showed J♣10♣ for air as de Wolfe flipped A♥J♠.

De Wolfe doubled to over one million with Vakili down to 600,000.


Roland de Wolfe looks set for a final table berth at the APPT Sydney Grand Final

8:35pm: Hand -for-hand play commences

With the recent eliminations we’re now down to our final ten. Roland de Wolfe has moved from the feature table over to the secondary table to form two tables of five. We’ll be playing hand-for-hand until we lose one more player, at which point we’ll be done for the day.

8:25pm: Two down!

With a raise to 32,000 from the button by Jonathan Karamalikis and a call from Peco Stojanovski in the small blind, Heinz Kamutzki decided to move all in for around 380,000 in the big blind. Karamalikis folded but Stojanovski made the call with K♠Q♠ to be racing with Kamutzki’s 3♠3♦.

The board ran out 5♠K♦7♦9♠A♦ to pair the king and eliminate Kamutzki in 12th place.

Moments later we had another all in on the secondary table. The action went down on the flop of Q♠5♠6♦ after Jonathan Karamalikis led out with a bet of 100,000. Moussa raised all in to force Eddy Sabat out of the hand but Jonathan Karamalikis snap-called with K♠10♠ for a flush draw against Moussa’s Q♥8♣ top pair.

The 10♦ turn gave Karamalikis a pair of his own, and a few more outs, but he completed his flush with the 2♠ river to the roar of delight from Ali Khalil and the Dong Fan Club on the rail. Moussa angrily splashed his chips across the table, with several of them flying off the table, before heading off to the cashier to collect AU$24,280 for his 11th place finish.

APPT Sydney live updates brought to you courtesy of Heath “TassieDevil” Chick and Landon Blackhall.


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