APPT Sydney Day 3: Levels 15 & 16 (blinds 3000-6000, ante 500)

December 10, 2010

2:40pm: Ten-minute break

2:20pm: Rubie on the rise

Aussie online phenome Brendon “brendoooor” Rubie is up to almost half a million in chips after taking a massive pot off Singaporean PokerStars Qualifier Daniel Ling.

We caught the action as the board read A♠K♠4♣2♥ with a pot worth more than 100,000; Ling checked to Rubie who led out for 40,000. Ling called and then checked to Rubie again after the dealer produced the river 3♠. Rubie deliberated, then fired out a bet of 138,000.

Ling checked his cards and went into the tank for almost two minutes before sending his hand into the muck, resigned to let his stack slip to 205,000.

2:10pm: Badaoui doubles through Vakili

For the third hand in a row, Reza Vakili put in a three-bet preflop. The first two saw folds from his opponents, but the third time around Miray Badaoui moved all in over the top for a total of 114,500. Vakili made the call and tabled a strong A♥K♠ but he’d run into Badaoui’s A♣A♠.

The board ran out 8♠3♦J♣5♥Q♠ to give Badaoui a more-than-double up to 254,000, as Vakili takes a hit to slip to 720,000.

2:00pm: Brown doubles through Levy

Kiwi PokerStars Qualifier Jason Brown finished third in last year’s APPT Auckland Main Event and regardless of what happens today, he’ll be recording his second APPT cash in as many years. Brown’s still hanging around though as he’s just managed to score a double-up via 2007 APPT Grand Final champion Grant Levy.

The money was all in the middle before the flop; Brown was in for his last 63,500 with A♠10♣ but needed some divine intervention against the 10♠10♦ of Levy. Blessed is he the one they call Brown as he doth spike the overpair on the board of 6♦3♠5♦5♥A♥ to double up to 140,000. Levy is still alive on 275,000.


Kiwi Jason Brown looking for another APPT final table

1:55pm: Scaravilli set up by Negreanu

Giuseppe Scaravilli had been aggressively three-betting with his short stack so when he woke up with A♠A♣, it was the perfect spot to three-bet again to 30,000 following the opening raise to 13,500 from Daniel Negreanu. The blinds folded and Negreanu thought for a moment before making the call to see a flop of 8♣6♥2♠.

Negreanu checked and Scaravilli bet 40,000. Negreanu quickly check-raised all in and Scaravilli called it off but his aces had been cracked by Negreanu’s 2♦2♥. The turn was the Q♥ and river the 4♦ to eliminate Scaravilli from the tournament as Negreanu increases his empire.

1:45pm: Graham clips Negreanu

The action from the feature table has been a little slow, but we’ve just seen Jarred Graham clash with Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

Graham raised it up to 13,000 from late position before Negreanu three-bet to 36,000 in the big blind. Graham made the call and the flop came down K♥4♣J♣.

Negreanu led out for 42,000 but Graham responded by moving all in. It was a total of 159,500 but Negreanu released as the young Aussie takes down a nice pot.

1.40pm: Stergiotis doubles through Karamalikis

Jonathan Karamalikis raised to 12,000 before the flop and the action folded around to Andrew Stergiotis who reraised all-in for 73,000. Karamalikis called, revealing A♠Q♠ against Stergiotis’ 9♦9♣, so it was off the the races.

Stergiotis reeled as the dealer turned up the Q♠ in the window and appeared almost resigned to his fate when the 7♥, A♦ trailed behind to complete the flop. However, he was quick to sit back down when the dealer snapped up the turn and river of 9♠, 4♣.

Stergiotis is now up to more than 155,000 while “The Dong” is still on song with close to 900,000 in chips.

1:30pm: Moussa and Sabat see double

2007 APPT Macau champion Eddy Sabat and Australian poker stalwart George Moussa have both managed to double up their short stacks in quick succession on the outer tables.

On table 87, Sabat moved all-in before the flop for less than 30,000 with K♥K♣ before Grant Levy called with A♥5♣. The board was an uneventful 10♥4♣7♣J♠6♠ and Sabat grinned as he raked in his chips. “74,000,” he advised the bystanding media.

Meanwhile on table 86, the action had folded around to Australian PokerStars Qualifer Craig Bourke who raised to 14,000 from the cutoff before Moussa called from the big blind to go heads-up to a flop of A♥Q♥2♦.

Moussa checked, Bourke led out for 37,000 and Moussa called all-in, showing A♣6♠ against Bourke’s K♠Q♣. Moussa improved to two pair when the 6♦ appeared on the turn and he doubled up to 110,000 after the 10♦ blanked out on the river.


George Moussa fighting hard with his short stack

1:25pm: Level up, blinds 3000-6000, ante 500

1:20pm: Carle chips up Rubie

The action has slowed considerably down here in the Sports Theatre after the recent spate of eliminations, but we did manage to pick up a pot between Brendon Rubie and Mitch Carle on table 87.

Rubie and Carle were heads-up into a flop that read 10♦3♥9♠, which they both checked before Rubie led out for 17,000 on the turn of the J♦. Carle called, only to fold after Rubie led out for 45,000 when the dealer produced the 7♣ on the river.

Rubie is up to 550,000 while Carle slips to 430,000. Play on, says the umpire.

1:10pm: Double elimination for Streifeneder

Stefan Streifeneder had landed a double KO with both Joachim Chia and Silkin Mong hitting the rail.

Mong was crippled in a previous hand after running into a set and pushed with J♠7♠ to be up against Chia’s pocket nines but Streifeneder was in command with his pocket tens.
The board ran out 2♥6♦2♠6♠3♦ to jump Streifeneder to 440,000 and send two more to the cashier.

1:00pm: Bust-any … need we say more?

The action folded around to Alan Bustany who raised from middle position before fellow Aussie Jonathan Karamalikis reraised all-in from late position. Bustany called all-in, tabling A♦10♠ but discovered he was in bad shape against Karamalikis’ J♠J♦.

There was no help for Bustany on the flop of Q♥7♦6♠, but he did pick up a glimmer of hope when the J♥ hit on the turn. However, Karamalikis was still ahead with his set and it stayed that way when a meaningless 3♠ fell on the river. Karamalikis is looking unstoppable as he’s now on more than 800,000 in chips.

Meanwhile 2007 APPT Grand Final champion Grant Levy has managed to double up, waking up with Q♥Q♦ against the 10♠10♦ of Daniel Ling. The board was spread A♠A♦4♦K♠4♠ and Levy is up to almost 300,000 in chips.

12:55pm: Silatozija and Krost hit the rail

We’ve lost two more players and both were from the feature table. Australian Omer Silatozija was first to go when he moved all in for his last 41,000 on the turn on a board of 2♦3♣7♣10♣ with 9♣10♦ for top pair and flush draw but he was outkicked in both regards against Konstantin Bücherl who held K♣10♥. The river bricked the 7♠ and Silatozija was out in 31st.

He was soon followed by 2010 Aussie Millions champion Tyron Krost. His last 80,000 chips were in preflop with 9♥9♠ but he ran into Daniel Negreanu’s Q♠Q♣. The board ran out K♦5♣K♠A♠6♠ to leave Krost heading to the rail and Negreanu stacking up nearly 400,000 in chips.


2010 Aussie Millions champ Tyron Krost has hit the rail

12:45pm: Ace-high good for Bourke

Knowing that they are safely in the money can sometimes players the freedom to trust in their reads. Suddenly the bullies get picked off. That’s just what’s happened to Jonathan Karamalikis as we caught him firing 50,000 on the river on a board of 5♠K♥3♣4♥6♠.

His opponent was Craig Bourke who thought long and hard before making the call. Karamalikis showed Q♥J♠ but Bourke’s A♥Q♣ ace-high was good!

12:40pm: Angelakis out

It didn’t take long to find our first elimination – the cry of “All in, call” went up from table 87, where Con Angelakis had shipped his last 47,000 into the middle preflop with 5♠5♥ and found himself flipping for his tournament life against the K♣Q♠ of Singaporean PokerStars Qualifer Daniel (Dongying) Ling.

Nothing changed after the dealer produced the flop of 8♠3♥A♥, but the K♠ was snapped up on the turn. “Five please,” Angelakis said. Close, but no cigar – the river was the 4♠ – and Angelakis was escorted up the stairs to the cage to collect his $12,145 payday.

12:35pm: We’re underway

The instructions have been given to shuffle up and deal as Day 3 of the APPT Sydney Grand Final is now underway. We’ll recommence with 48:44 left on the clock in level 15 with the blinds at 2,500-5,000 and a 500 ante.

We’ll be playing this evening until we reach our final table of nine!

12:30pm: Please hold…

We’ve found our new home in the corner of the Star City Sports Theatre and are ready to rumble. But of course, due to the intricacies of television/webcast production, we’re running a little behind schedule. The players are currently taking their seats and signing waivers in preparation for some air time this afternoon.

Our access to the feature table will be a little limited due to the filming, but hopefully we’ll get enough details from the big screens and announcers to keep you up to date with the action there. Of course you can watch all the action for yourself on the Live Webcast.

Before play kicked off we caught up with Daniel Negreanu for a quick chat as the Team PokerStars Pro is now looking to extend his stay down under to check out a few more concerts and grab some serious APPT cash!

APPT Sydney live updates brought to you courtesy of Heath “TassieDevil” Chick and Landon Blackhall.


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