APPT Sydney 2007: The Man In The Hat

December 12, 2007

By Sean Callander

Today’s award for the most unlikely line you’ll here from a poker player came from veteran Sydney poker player Alex Rosser: “I’m usually up at 5am every day to go swimming, just like I did this morning.”

5am, that’s the time that hardcore players are starting to think about calling it a night!

“I’m actually a bit worried about the last hour of play tonight, I think I’ll be starting to fall asleep when it comes to 11pm,” he said.

Rosser has certainly added a touch of class to today’s Flight 1 field in the APPT Grand Final at Star City.

Alex Rosser
Alex Rosser

Dressed impeccably in bow tie and hat, Rosser has not been intimidated by the players seated around, many of who would be less than half his age (he would not reveal his age, but described himself as a “semi-retired gentleman old enough to know better”)!

He’s been a lifelong poker aficionado, but only got serious about the game in the mid-1980s when the poker scene took off in the city of Adelaide, about 1500 kms south-west of Sydney.

“They were great days, I had no clue of what I was doing at the poker table. My wife and I would then go off and enjoy some great holidays in the vineyards of South Australia. I suppose you could call me the original poker tourist,” he said.

Rosser has won a handful of small tournaments in Canberra, and is a regular in big Australasian events where he’s simply known as ‘The Man in the Hat’.

Together with 62-year-old Team PokerStars pro Raymond Rahme, Rosser is showing that age is no barrier at the poker table.

Approximate chip count (day 1, flight 1) – 83 Players Remain

  • Raymond Rahme (Team PokerStars) 97.5k
  • Grant Levy 90k
  • Nathanial Seet 90k
  • Tony Dunst 75k
  • Patrick Fletcher 72k
  • Terrence Chan 70k


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