APPT Sydney 2007: Last Lady No Longer

December 15, 2007

By Heath Cram

Well known Australian player Sam Kouiss has just witnessed his sister and last lady standing Suzy Kouiss’ final hand in the APPT Grand Final.

Kouiss pushed her remaining chips in the middle with pocket 5’s, but stood little chance of avoiding the call from monster chip leader Lei He with almost 2 million chips and the big blind in front of him, as He turned called and slowly showed Ace-9 offsuit.

APPT Sydney 2007: Suzy Kouiss
APPT Sydney 2007: Suzy Kouiss

Despite being marginally ahead in the hand pre-flop, Kouiss had her fate sealed early with a 9 in the window and no help on the turn on the river. The crowd applauded as the last surviving lady exited the floor.

With 22 players left, the average stack is 480k. One player well clear of this average is PokerStars qualifier Colin Ford, who is playing his first ever live tournament!

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