APPT Sydney: 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem Eliminated

December 15, 2007

By Heath Cram

Team PokerStars Pro and local poker superstar Joe Hachem has been eliminated with a lower full-house in heads-up action against PokerStars qualifier Barry Kohlhoff.

APPT Sydney: Joe Hachem

In a 5-way limped pot, the flop came: Qs 8d Qh

It was checked around to Kohlhoff who bet 15k into the 20k pot. It was folded back around to Hachem who eventually called.

The turn was a 4 of hearts.

Again Hachem checked and Kohlhoff fired again, with a 30k bet.

Hachem called on the river, with neither player having a lot of chips behind.

The river double-paired the board, with an 8 of clubs.

Joe checked once more and Kohlhoff bet fast, this time for his remaining 42k. Joe went into the tank again before calling for his tournament life and showing down 8-9 Hearts for 2 pair and the flush draw on the turn. All to no avail as Kohlhoff rolled over Q-9 diamonds and Hachem could do no more than say “well played”.

Hachem was left with a lone 500 chip and lost it a hand later with 8-6 hearts against PokerStars player Guillame Patry with Ace-Jack and two aces on the flop.

The Australian pro received a rousing reception from local supporters as he graciously left the tournament floor.


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