APPT Manila: Swiss rolls over another opponent

November 13, 2008

The stampede on the magnificent dinner buffet at Manila’s Hyatt Hotel and Casino doesn’t appear to have claimed any victims, ensuring 55 players have returned to the ballroom for the final two levels on day 1A of the APPT Manila main event.

It must have been mighty tasty as several players were spotted scampering back to their seats well after the order had been given to shuffle up and deal.

Kosher for Kocher: Arthur’s on the move after dinner.

One player who returned to the table looking satisfied was Arthur Kocher. The Swiss propelled his stack to almost 50,000 when he committed his last 15,500 in chips on a board of 2d-4h-5h-2s. His opponent called and showed pocket nines, but Kocher held Ah-7h for a stack of outs. He hit one of them (3c) and celebrated one of the bigger pots of the tournament so far.

Singapore’s Josh Pang Ang has been steady climber since the elimination of his compatriot Bryan Huang to lie within less than 10,000 of chip leader Michael Shell.

His latest victim came after Wally Sombrero folded A-K to Pang Ang’s all-in raise over a short-stacked player. Pang Ang showed pocket 10s, his opponent held Kh-Qc, which missed the board of 4d-3d-4c-5h-5s. Nice fold Wally.

APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh has just announced that play will cease 30 minutes early with the rapid-fire eliminations continuing. There’s less than 20 minutes remaining in level 8, with blinds to soon increase to an imposing 500/1000 (100 ante).


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